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  • Growth, Events, NEW PRODUCTS! in summer 2021

    Last weekend, if you open my emails or follow my social media, you know I went to my debut live event at the Novato Art Walk last weekend.   Th...
  • What happened behind the scenes here during the pandemic.

    We have all been through it this last year.  My son and I were just looking at things we posted on social media about how he was going to have a lo...
  • Birthday Overshare! (#5)

    I know we have all been stuck at home, I'm not alone in that. I take so for granted my ability to move freely! Having been raising kids for 26 years now, summers are the scheduled free time that I habitually look forward to as the time I can make plans.  The structure of school [...]
  • Over Share - 4th of July edition

    It's going to be an odd one this year, here in Ashland. We have no parade, which is a community tradition, and no fireworks. It seems to be the way this year, nothing is as expected.In your neck of the woods you might be experiencing shut downs, re-shutdowns or cautious reopening. While there [...]
  • Over Share #2

    I don't get anything from recommending these items!  I just think they are cute and love to share and support other businesses, especially small, women owned businesses. If you need a mask refresh as our self protection continues, this link will show you super cute masks that are inspired by works of art.  The Barnes Foundation [...]
  • Here to Over Share

    When I first started my business I listened to every podcast and took every course I could about how to build an online business.  I kept hearing about building a brand, which sounded like a very millenial term to me, and I always 100% rejected the advice, because the idea of being the spokesperson for [...]
  • Lotion Update during shelter in place. I have ALL THE THINGS!!!

    The long term resources I built my business on, suppliers that are a part of the founding family of Body Time in the Bay Area have been living under very strict shelter in place since mid March, so a lot of what I typically offer has been sold out for quite a while now. [...]
  • Shared Blog Post: The “natural” beauty industry is on the rise because we’re scared of chemicals!

    This very comprehensive blog post shares current information about regulation challenges in beauty products.  I enjoyed this blog post very much, and wanted to share it here! I continue to mold my little skin care line into shape, I am excited to share the widely available current information about the importance of ingredients in the [...]
  • About nine months into this project, I may be getting my stride.

    Hello Remedy Fans, When I took the leap in September 2018 and got started with my little online business, I knew I didn't really know what I was doing.  I had a little time and a little money a lot of foolish ambition.  Sourcing the products that I wanted to carry was not a challenge, or [...]
  • Welcome to Perfectly Scentsable!

    Hello!I am so glad you found this web page and blog.  This business and website are the results of a crazy idea and an odd series of events and the stars aligning.  My family of origin is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area.  A family gathering brought adult siblings that have spread far and [...]