My March and April Showers (hoping for May flowers) OVER SHARE

Hey There, welcome to my latest overshare.

I think the last time I sent out even the simplest email was a month ago, I was leaving for my last spring break ever with my son who is a senior, feeling some FEELINGS about this empty nest situation.  

That was the last calm moment of my most recent history.

 March/April highlights include:

1.  Pulling up to our Bend airbnb to realize I had stayed in this airbnb before, and given it the only bad review I've ever given. 😩

2. Checking in to see that yes, the host did remember me, had no hard feelings, and was proud to show the issues had been addressed. 😃

3. Liking Bend much better than when I make this same college visit trip with my daughter 6 years ago. 🏔🗻

4. Very happy snowboarding kid, loves Bend and the school and the housing options (WTH) 🎉

5. Call from my husband saying his brother, a disabled vet, is staying with us for a few days. 😳

6.  Lovely drive home, happy excited kid. LOVE OREGON, so pretty. 🌲

7.  Realizing that my brother-in-law will be staying with us indefinitely. 😳😳

8.  Looking for roomier housing. 🏠

9.  Back to the office, phew, it's quiet here.  Oh wait, no it's not.  There are yelling men in the hallway.  Is that also yelling in the parking lot?  🤬

10.  Realizing that the yelling men are the new owners of this building (that was a peaceful, safe place during covid).  😱

11.  Finding a new office space that checks all the boxes, and is kinda a dream come true. 🏙

12.  Finding no rentals that have the right, sort of separate living areas for my new, larger household, calling the real estate agent. 🏠

13.  Finding the perfect house 🏡, with an in-law unit, in a gorgeous neighborhood.

14.  Getting our ducks in a row with three family members to try to buy this house for the best life for all parties. 💕

*** so that's where we stand now.  I'm moving my office on the first of May, we hope to make an offer on this house this week.  

If you follow these, you know my dad died in December, my mom has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and is living with my sister in Spokane.  It's been a long, weird, hard year already.  Lots of letting go of dreams I barely knew I had.

And also, time is flying as I get my last kid at home across the finish line of high school and that is exciting and fun (and hard).  All the things, all the time, right?

I have made a commitment to myself to move away from the "eating my feelings" and being avoidant phase of all of these changes, to redeveloping more structure for myself.  After years of parenting, I see how much I am the tail wagged by the dog of other people's needs.  I love my family, so much.  And now I see that the best way to care for everyone in this new phase of life is to keep myself on track, be as committed to myself and business (that I cherish so much), and let all of these adults look after their own needs.  

Nothing is the way I want it to be in this second.  Like at all.  BUT I am, we are, taking steps to move to better, even if it's not ideal.  What's that saying?  

"we plan, God laughs"

I hope things are good for you in your world.  I am complaining I know, but I also know I am blessed beyond measure. 

Thanks for indulging me in reading my drivel, lol



  • Dawn M Theros

    Hi Lynn,
    Glad I found your Over shares. Geez, Im glad I found your store, your products! Your so good at what you do and I can feel your enjoyment in it. Keep up the great work. Feel bad, I’m not the mothering type totally, not married or have others to take care of so I don’t get any kudos. However I love my birds and dog. I look forward to trying more of your products, reading your blogs and hearing how you are doing in your busy life. Have a grand Summer to be!


    Love your overshares. You are living proof you can attain your dreams, even when they may need a wee bit of modification and seem to be interwined in challenging every day life situations. You are quite an inspiration to me!

  • Heather

    Thanks for the overshare Lynn. I always enjoy hearing your thoughts. Sometimes we need to vent and get it out. Especially as a mom that does everything for everyone, I understand that one indeed. I’m also entering the phase of life of taking better care of myself and what I need to do to thrive. I think in the long run it makes us better mothers, better companions, better women as a whole. Wish you all the best. Hope you find the silver lining soon and realize it all turned out the way it is supposed to. :)

  • Dina Riccio

    Dear Lynn, the last time a family member came to stay for a few days, he stayed several long months….
    Take care of yourself, as women we sacrifice so much for our children 👶….they don’t appreciate and often take us for granted! Be good to yourself! Dina 🤗🙏🦋

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