Individual Fragrance Samples -- Try fragrances before you buy them!

Individual Fragrance Samples -- Try fragrances before you buy them!

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One of the most challenging things about buying fragrances online is that there is no way for you to smell for yourself before you invest.   These sample offerings are my way of trying to address this issue of uncertainty.  Trying before you buy, having confidence that your purchase is actually what you want is the only way to solve this dilemma. 

These samples are in 1 ml vial, filled about 3/4 of the way full (more or less).  This gives you enough of the oil to wear it a few times and see for yourself if it's a good match for your own personal chemistry.

Thanks so much for your interest!

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
AJ Indy
So lovely

I ordered several samples and got several free! My faves were Vaniver, Moonlight and Coco. The Coco was an extra, and I didn't realize I like patchouli, but this has my sniffing myself constantly. Vaniver goes through some interesting shifts on me, starting green and warm and a little earthy, then a little like cigar smoke for a few minutes, and then a dry warm vanilla with a bergamot edge. It lasts all day long. I will be buying these again. I just love them. Oh, and Wood Sage. So nice, too!

Mary L . Starling

Smells like a Great idea

China rain

I have received the sample size China rain I purchased. It was wrapped beautifully plus another sample size of China lily included as a gift for my to try. I’m so delighted I finally found my all time favorite perfume oil.Lynn store is the only place I would buy my perfume oils again.
Thank You Lynn! You’re the best.🌻

Wendy Gisele
Perfect little samples!!

I ordered some samples and the package came perfectly wrapped. Such a beautiful presentation as well as some additional samples that came along with my order! That was a nice and thoughtful surprise! I'm glad they offer samples for their products along with exceptional customer service! I highly recommend their products!

It's scentsionable!

Finally! A company that let's you try before you buy!... I've been looking for a scenting scent for some time and I really think I've finally found it!... I was able to purchase the samples which allowed me to try several at one time... I'm defined l definitely placing an order in regular sizes