About me!

Hi There,

My name is Lynn Tidd, welcome to my store.

I am so glad you found this web site.  This business and website are the results of a crazy idea, through an odd series of events and the stars aligning.  My family of origin is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area.  A family gathering brought adult siblings that have spread far and wide across the Pacific Northwest together in the spring of 2018.  

Each member of my family has their Bay Area favorite things, products from "home" that are a part of their daily lives.  As we all ventured out to our old familiar places to pick up our essentials, we had to face to the fact that one of the big sources of joy in any homecoming was gone.  After 50 years of business, Body Time, the favorite body care store of everyone for all three generations present, had closed.  Gone with the business were products that meant more to us than we knew!

I have had a long time friendship with the founding family of Body Time.  The grand-daughter of one of the founders was my closest young mom friend in the early 2000's, we both had big families and really supported each other.  I took photos for Body Time Catalogs, my step kid's first jobs were all at the College Avenue stores.  This family had sold the business to a new owner in 2010 and were heart-broken to see it and all the years of history just gone.  A few texts and phone calls, let me know I had their blessing (and all of their resources!) to do what I could to start again.  

I did, and started this store in October of 2018.  This project has taken many twists and turns, and I have learned so much!  I'd love to hear from you, and welcome!

xo ~ lynn

This is my daughter Ruby, and me ♥️.  She has been a big help and I'll talk about what we are up to in my emails and blogs a lot.

lynn and ruby