Covid, long covid and other annoyances.

If you open my emails regularly, you may have seen that my whole household got covid earlier in the month, with varying symptoms.  We are all vaxxed and boosted.

My son who is likely the vector, was asymptomatic.  My husband had fairly uncomfortable but not too worrisome cold symptoms.  I felt not great a few times, vague, difficult to describe malaise, but WOW was I emotional and fairly tragically delusional, in a way I can only compare to PMS in my early 20s.  It reminded me to be more sympathetic to my daughter who is 23.  

We have a very, very mild longish covid thing happening with my husband sleeping a lot more than usual and having low energy.  I was shocked to walk into the house and see him watching TV on a sunny Saturday over the weekend, for maybe the first time in 27 years.

I am in the midst of a midlife crisis.  Not really, but damn, things are challenging.  The main issues related to the business are that my China Rain is sitting in the port of Los Angeles and I am still out.  With no date or expectation of delivery.  So although my new fragrances are exciting and doing well, I see that a business built on the foundation of a single product's popularity is maybe not so smart.  I have learned a ton about advertising and have been successful as a result, but it feels silly to spend to advertise what I cannot sell, so I have turned all the ads off.  As a result, things have slowed down a lot and that is very confidence shaking.

Also, I cannot smell well.  I had no sense of smell at all when I was sick, but now that I am better, my sense of smell is very muted.  I have a few lovely fragrances on deck from before covid and will offer them soon, but as for the ambitious plan I had to offer blends, well, that is also postponed indefinitely.  Neither of these developments are good news for my business and also utterly out of my hands.  Trying to keep this all in perspective, and I see that my own need to control and plan and predict has limitations.

The weird thing about getting sick on the 10th of January is I feel like I have been out of step since mid December, and am finding the return to normal evasive.  Cue the melodramatic music *** what is normal these days anyway *** as the kids say.  I am stupidly privileged and am annoying myself in this pity party.  So, avoiding the news, trying to get outside into any moment of sun and carry on is the plan for now.

I made cold process soap for the first time ever this weekend after being interested and putting it off for years.  Holy Crap that is a dangerous potential addiction.  More to come on that pretty soon, it take a bit of time for it to cure, so patience continue to be the theme.

Thanks for reading this, and tolerating my pity party.  Let's go 2022.




  • Karen

    I’m hoping you and your family are really feeling much better by now!
    My family had a very similar Covid experience in 2021. What a drag.
    So best wishes that you’re all well, and will continue to be!
    I appreciate your store and many personal touches, including your comments, and your “overshare”. :-)

  • Renee Camarena

    Wishing you and your family all the best. ❤ your “overshare” too. 😊 You got this Lynn!

  • marilyn cohen

    Lynn, so sorry to hear about your Covid ordeal and its lingering effects. Hope you and your family will be rid of them asap! Love your positive attitude and wish nothing but the best for you, your family and business.Your heart and soul are in it for sure. Warmest wishes, marilyn

  • Jen Adamson

    Feel better Lynn & family! 💕🙏🏼
    Love your “overshares” & Egyptian Musk!🙃💝

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