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When I first started my business I listened to every podcast and took every course I could about how to build an online business.  I kept hearing about building a brand, which sounded like a very millenial term to me, and I always 100% rejected the advice, because the idea of being the spokesperson for my brand made me feel very uncomfortable.  I was sure no one wanted to see my middle aged face or hear my thoughts. Two years ago I couldn't post a selfie and had a little judgment about people my age who regularly did!  I didn't really follow any of that advice, except for on my birthday and my daughter's birthday, when I had sales in celebrations of those days (and finally understanding how to really use those coupon codes on my website).  

When the pandemic started coming into view and the world was going into hibernation, I send a few emails to offer some comfort, as much as an email from a stranger could, and a discount code.  My sharing our situation and indulging in some self soothing "I'm OK, we are ok" over and over, plus me sending some surprise gifts boxes to long time repeats customers unexpectedly, I came to see that some people might want to hear from a middle aged housewife turned entrepreneur.

Maybe you don't want to hear from me, and that's totally fine.  I'm planning on doing my over share here, in a blog post with a link from my Saturday emails.  I am getting a little more confidence about saying what is true for me, for my family and now, a few years into this project, I really want to.  Funny that I just came here for China Rain, as did everyone.  But now it's grown into a little baby community and I love it.  I get emails back every weekend that I write from the heart and it makes me giddy to share.  

I wrote a post last weekend and then last minute, actually at 4:00 am I chickened out about sharing it.  I was raised by people who were fiercely private and socially polite.  I am not really like that naturally, but when pushing myself a little I hear my Mom's voice, her hushing my loud mouth and it makes me stop and doubt myself.  But here I am again with something to say and I must need to say it, because it feel compelled to.  I can live with the consequences of someone being turned off by my loud mouth.

I emailed a little update a few weeks back about wanting to understand more of the social unrest after the George Floyd's death.  I pledged to donate 25% of fragrance sales in June to the NAACP.  I got a lot of responses that were positive and a few that were vitriolic. And a few more that did that same sort of Mom style shaming, to hush my loud mouth.  I'm not gonna hush, and I hope you'll still stay here, but if you can't that's ok. My mom would unsubscribe from my emails I'm sure and she was my biggest fan!  

So welcome to the Overshare!  I'm gonna be here, being myself, loud, long winded, liberal mom and step mom and step-grandmother to POC (people of color) trans, gay straight kids, wife of a recovered (32 years) alcoholic.  I have a colorful past and pretty privileged today life.  I have too many business ideas and I constantly get in my own way.  I'll talk about that some. Last week I was scared to post anything, and now I'm not.  

I'm gonna share two things today that I love, and actually bought!

This artist is in the UK and her pricing is in pounds, (I don't know how to type that symbol) it's $43.22 and shipping is free.  All of the proceeds from this print go to charity, including the NAACP.  She has more details on her page if you are interested.

I love t-shirt and buy cute ones regularly, it's my favorite indulgence and doesn't break the bank. I just bought these shirts.

and this one!

Terrible photo quality, I know, I had take a screenshot because I couldn't figure out how to grab the image.  

From their website "All proceeds from each 'BE THE CHANGE' tee support our TSF Ally Fund, which will donate to organizations fighting racial injustice in all forms. These are a few of the organizations we have either already donated to, or will be donating to: The Conscious Kid, Be The Bridge, George Floyd Memorial Fund, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, The Loveland Foundation. We have learned, as Angela Davis said, "it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be antiracist." We will continue to listen, learn, and stand up against systemic racism. We need to be the change."

I love these fundraiser products, you might too.

Last, but not least, I had geared up to do some Pride month offerings, but it seems like this isn't the right time.  I do love this image though and I'm going to restart social media posting today with this image, which embraces Black Lives Matter imagery with Pride imagery.

I don't know who to credit for this image.  I love it and I hope you do too.

I'll talk to you next week.  I hope you have a really good week, you deserve one!  Phew, this time!  "It's been, a time." as my daughter would say.  Saying nothing and everything at once.


Another shirt from

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