Over Share #2

I don't get anything from recommending these items!  I just think they are cute and love to share and support other businesses, especially small, women owned businesses. 

If you need a mask refresh as our self protection continues, this link will show you super cute masks that are inspired by works of art.  The Barnes Foundation benefits the Barnes Museum in Philadelphia.


These masks are very fun, the premade designs are cute, but you can custom design your masks as well.  I love this store, they adorably did their best to stay on top of my work. They printed every Comfort and Joy box sticker and delivered them to my car in the parking lot, to support my staying projects when everything was shut down.


This is my t-shirt of the week company.  I just ordered this shirt, in honor of pride month, which seems to not have happened this summer.  https://thespark.company This is another woman owned business in the UK, I know terrible photo. So CUTE to me!


This upcoming week is a big one for my daughter, she's launching her website for the botanical skin care line we used to sell on this website.  I am so excited for her!  I'll share the site with you next week.

I hope you have a really good week!


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