Overshare 2021!

Woo Hoo what a crazy year 2020 was, and I know it's April, but I'm just now getting used to this New Year.  I did pretty well staying positive and healthy until our community suffered a devastating fire, the Almeda Fire on September 8.  My dear friend lost her home, we had time to just grab her dogs and run before the fire took her cute little dream house by Bear Creek in Ashland.  
This is my friend's home moments before it burned
The fire started near here, but headed north and my place is about 3 miles south of this, so the fire blew away from my home.  But, it was weeks before I slept well after the fire, my other business is caring for 13 retired show horses here in my little farm.  A lot of animals were evacuated and lost.  
The loss of homes, business and security of so many people in my community was incredibly sobering and shocking.  My next door neighbor has two large travel trailers in his yard, one home for his adult daughter and her two sons, and then the second is one of her co-workers.  Both women are teachers here who have to online school on top of being suddenly transient.  There was an intense housing crisis here before the fire, now there is nothing available.  About 2800 homes were lost, the majority in lower income trailer parks and senior mobile home communities.  The communities most vulnerable were hit the hardest. Estimate are 30,000 people were made homeless in one day.
The fire and the fall out after the fire, followed closely by the election and the days getting shorter  as winter set in was tough.  My husband was out of town working for months and I found myself isolating, overeating and drinking too much.  After the year of being super sturdy for my kids, husband and extended circle, Covid drama caught up with me.  It was pretty hard.
So, New Year!  I am vaccinated, medicated (Lexapro is so helpful!) and enjoying the sun as the days get longer and life heads toward whatever the new normal is.  I really have no problems compared to most, and tons of support, a great therapist and I know how tough this has been for me and my very blessed family - I don't know anyone who had Covid.  
So, I'm lucky and still struggling, and probably you are too.  Hang in there.


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