Over Share - 4th of July edition

It's going to be an odd one this year, here in Ashland. We have no parade, which is a community tradition, and no fireworks. It seems to be the way this year, nothing is as expected.

In your neck of the woods you might be experiencing shut downs, re-shutdowns or cautious reopening. While there is more activity here in town, the enthusiasm for reopening is cautious, and sadly a lot of our downtown storefronts are empty as businesses close forever here. Please, please, please wear mask!  Keep yourself sanitized and stay home as much as you can.

I live in a beautiful place and am very lucky, but I am sick of being here.  I want to travel, and want to see friends, I am at my wits end!  I recently had a personal scare and got tested for Covid last Saturday after feeling terrible for over a week.  I am fine, and by Wednesday was feeling back to normal.  Having a moment of  real concern for my health, I recommitted to my efforts to stay home, mask up ALWAYS (though that is now required here in Ashland) and suck it up.  This is a bummer, but being sick would be terrible for my family and our whole life situation.  So. I'm gonna stop whining and just spend this summer working hard to get my business where I want it, and my daughter up and confident.  It's just one summer, and the discomfort will hopefully be over soon.

My daughter's new site, if you aren't on the email list https://remedy-botanicals.com/- features the botanical skin care formerly at Body Time.

The NAACP fundraiser is completed and I will have totals and news about that in next week's blog.

Now to my business!

My offer this week is a free full sized Assurance Spray with any $100 purchase, AND 20% off everything in the store with the code:


Fragrance always ships free!! Offer ends Wednesday, July 8th.

I am waiting on a shipment of ADE lotion, it should arrive early in the week. If you need ADE lotion you can order it now and take advantage of the weekend offer and it'll ship on Thursday at the latest.

Check out this link for the website I share previously, https://www.theshopforward.com/collections/all.  This site has adorable, timely t-shirts that share proceeds with charities.  Please check them out, now they have masks!  and donate to PPE for healthcare worker with each purchase.  I got my (controversial) Fauci Fan Club T-shirt there and have a few others on order, I can't wait.

This site https://amplifier.org/#downloads has been around for a while, I first saw these prints during the Women's March Events in 2016.  There are hundred of incredible downloadable posters you can print about different causes.  I had this printed at my favorite print shop from last weeks blog.  The shop printed an 18 x 24 poster for me for $15.00.  I printed one as an experiment and it came out so cute, I'm going to print a bunch and frame them for my office.  They are bright and colorful and BEAUTIFUL.  I'm so excited to hang them in my office and have another layer of reminder of the positive feelings I get from being focused on the promotion and support of women and POC and healthcare heros.  I'm going to share a few here, but please look at the site, it's inspiring!

There are items that can be purchased on this site in addition to the free downloads.

I do not get any compensation for promoting anything here, I just love the sharing!!  

I am always available for suggestions, feedback and ideas @ lynn@remedynorthwest.com

xo~ have a really good week ~ lynn

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