Growth, Events, NEW PRODUCTS! in summer 2021

Last weekend, if you open my emails or follow my social media, you know I went to my debut live event at the Novato Art Walk last weekend.  
perfectly scentsable art walk booth 2021
perfectlyscentsable booth photos
lynn tidd, perfectly scentsable
The event was fun and successful for me personally, and I learned a lot.  I had applied for these shows for the 2020 season but of course they were all cancelled.  I really enjoyed talking to people about the fragrances and the story of how I came to have access to the Body Time creations.  It was really nice to be able to connect people with their favorites again and introduce new fragrances.  There is nothing like face to face interaction and conversation.
Leading up to the event there had been an arduous whirlwind of production, like beyond words, to get ready, handmade takes a lot of time and care.  Not knowing exactly what would sell led me to over produce and really push myself to finish a lot of projects I had put on the back burner.
These little cologne sprays had not been urgent in my list. I have been looking to source an acceptable cologne base and make perfume sprays since the ingredients for my last formula went away.  I love what I have found and think you will too.  I have ordered a much larger amount to offer cologne sprays in larger sizes all the time.  I expect to have that in store next week, so for now I have larger sizes available for preorder.
 Everything Spray is an all natural formula is safe for skin, linens, clothes, whatever you would like to add a refreshing spritz and fragrance. 
Body Oil is very nutrient-rich oil blend designed to hydrate after a bath or for particularly dry skin make this a versatile and luxurious oil that absorbs well.  Our favorite fragrance added to the oil, adds to the layering of fragrance and luxuriousness.
While I was at the show, I was very preoccupied with the extreme weather at home, heat records were broken in Oregon over the weekend.  I drove home on Monday through a haze of smoke and drove by a big fire in Weed, CA.  I got home to no irrigation water left in our creek, a big herd of retired horses I care for living through the heat and potentially dangerous conditions.  I had been excited about possible events later in the season, but because of the drought, heat and having some PTSD about our huge, tragic local fire last year, I have decided this is not the summer to do events far from home.  I try to not imagine the worst, but this year, my heart is not into leaving much - as much as I want to be out in the world!  
There is always next summer, and in the meantime I have a lovely workspace with amazing air conditioning for the day time, and some hysterical girlfriends with paddle boards and a lake nearby for evening fun when the heat dies down.  
If you've read this far, thanks for your time and interest.
♥️ lynn

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  • Thank you for making the trip to Novato and reintroducing me to my all time favorite scent “China Rain” – Joanne


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