Why do I overshare?

I have no idea why I feel compelled to tell personal stories here, hidden away. I feel like this is seen by very few people who may on some level like me already, so it's ok.  It makes me nervous, again, no idea why I do it, but here it is.  All the remarkable holiday things, good, great and bad below in order of occurrence.

My holiday in review list:

  1. Car trouble resulting in two people with very different plans having to travel together. 🚖
  2. Incredible light show at the Portland Zoo. ✨
  3. Extended friends and family gathering and gift exchange that was unexpected and very touching. 🎁 😍
  4. A spontaneous physical altercation in the kitchen between family members who do not have physical altercations. 🥊
  5. Large group family counseling session. 🙃
  6. 4 hours round trip drive to Mount Hood to snowboard, but no snowboarding happening ❄️
  7. Crowded but exciting trip to airport arrivals area!  💕
  8. Last minute shopping with huge family group that are now silly, campy, loving, remorseful, hungover. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
  9. Emergency PCR Covid Test and the drama involved.  🥊 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
  10. Negative result! 🎉
  11. Korean BBQ, who knew this was so fun? 🥓 🥩
  12. Christmas morning with just my husband and two of our kids, slow, relaxing, fun.  Incredibly thoughtful gift giving. ♥️
  13. Two identical scrabble boards given by different people who didn't know about each others gift 🤡 with scrabble tile holders and on a lazy susan so that the notorious table bumper (my son) can play and not be yelled at. 🧩
  14. Food for the ages, like really, really good cooking by my husband. 🥘
  15. Lots of snow in Portland ❄️
  16. A Christmas day text from my helper (5 hours away) reporting from the emergency room that she has covid, can someone else feed the horses? 🐴 
  17. Cute little light show on Peacock Lane in Portland we walked to after dinner.  Walked past my dream store location. 🏬
  18. Up at 5:15 am on the 26th to get son to the shuttle to snowboarding on Mt Hood. 🌅
  19. Window shopping while obsessing about Covid with my daughter. 😷
  20. The VanGogh experience with my husband and daughter- so beautiful ✨👨🏻‍🎨 🖼
  21. Back home, watch my son turn 18, all his gifts came in the form of car repairs and snowboarding equipment.  All the celebrating happened with his friends.  And after the week leading up to his birthday, I was really fine with him going away to celebrate.  🎂 🎉

Ok, now here I am back in my office, in sweats because my cute clothes don't fit.  Filling orders myself because my helper has covid. Avoiding being home because...I mean...enough of ya'll. 😵‍💫

I'm excited about the upcoming year.  Gonna write some big impossible goals in a coaching session tomorrow!  Thanks for reading this.



  • Vivian Hendrex

    Nofret my dear it seems most of us enjoy your oversharing. I find comfort in knowing that you were able to share some of your personal stuff for people you don’t even know. I find that to be awesome.A lot of times it brings comfort to some of us. So many are struggling. Kind of a sweet feeling to know someone else out there has the same thoughts or struggles as the rest of us. Grateful that your family made it through the covid. For so many did not. May you and your family stay safe and warm! Blessed Be You!

  • Allison Hodges

    As far as your “over sharing” goes, it’s actually good to hear that other people have “those family members” in their lives as well!! And that around the holiday’s, eventhough, you may plan it perfectly, it definitely does not come out that way😂
    I enjoyed the way you wrote it in bulletpoint form also.
    I’m glad that you & your family made it through Covid!!! All you can do is keep your chin above water & keep on keeping on😊 Remember if God brings us to it, God will bring us through it✝️💫👌
    2022 has got to be a better year🙏🏻🙏🏻Thanks for over sharing
    From a future customer 😘🌹

  • Hana AKA Hanholio

    You so gooder kind funny girl. I read it for bed time brain candy. How thoughtful to share your "holiday toccata in D minor ", and how savvy to do it in bulletpoint form. We are all the same but different, and how nice to peek into your many textured lovely world.

  • Tracey Manson

    Ha Ha Ha! Love your oversharing! Sounds a lot like most families. Happy New Year!

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