Thanksgiving, not too emo this time :)

Hello, and Happy Holiday Stress Season to you and yours!

I spent a few days in Portland, OR this week, nursing my daughter Ruby after she had her wisdom teeth pulled.  I had the opportunity to do a little sight seeing there and was so charmed by big city stores and their decorations, I really got in the holiday mood.  This year my daughter is having Thanksgiving at her house and I am looking forward to being a guest.

I don't really deal with the food part anymore, after my husband mentioned casually about 20 years into this marriage, that he doesn't like turkey, I went on strike.  I don't care at all about turkey or no, but because I had spent at least 80 days of my life up until that point completely preoccupied with menu, food prep, etc. for a meal he didn't enjoy, but never thought to mention that before... well I guess I feel like I'd done my time.  Besides, we have all these kids, now adults, that can help him cook.

He has perfected his Ribeye Roast and the kids all have their favorites to make. My husband is on a keto kick and is in the kitchen as I type, trying recipes for keto bread to make keto stuffing with.  I think it's very funny and charming that he is recipe researching and really enjoying being creative in the kitchen.  I never found cooking to be a creative outlet, though I know many people do. 

I am busily planning the catalog, and pre-planning a few social media ideas and events for early in the year.  I have almost all my shopping done, because we are country dwellers, everything comes in the mail, so we need to plan ahead, as all shipping is unreliable to say the least. 

I hope you have a really great holiday ❣️ 🍂



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