This is the last week of the dupes here on this site, there is a NEW site just for them and a discount for you!

I never want to assume folks are following along, so I am going to repeat a little here and link to a few past blogs so you can get up to date if you want to.

A friend of mine and I started this little side business, the dupe shop.  The dupe shop has its own site.  The site is new and pretty basic, it will improve over time.  :)  The site is:

Sign up here to get 20% off on that site!

The basic story is, when I wanted to try to create some oils of my own, I met a lovely guy who has become a friend who has done an amazing job creating some duplicate perfumes, old and new, but with very clean formulas, these are the new safe synthetics.  I only want to offer create and offer products that are clean, so:

  • No Parabens
  • No Phthalates
  • No Formaldehyde
  • No known carcinogens
  • No known endocrine disruptors
  • Cruelty Free

The oils I sell here on this site are safe synthetics, the dupes are made to this standard as well.  My friend is a chemist and very talented!  And very private.  He has a day job and a young family, his wife is a teacher.  They are not living the life I am, and have no real interest in blogging like this, learning the ins and outs of ecommerce.  So we are partners.  We are working together to get these parfums made and sold, and it only makes sense now that we are gaining a little momentum, to sell products just on their own site and have a more transparent idea of this business as a stand alone venture without the enmeshment of our partnership and the PS products.

So the new site and baby social media accounts and the very thin infrastructure are getting more attention now that the PS products are been shipped by another small, woman run fulfillment center.

For now we will sell $5.00 samples and ship ourselves, Monday and Thursday.  I have a lineup of new parfums coming soon.

Sign up to be on the email list for and get a 20% discount on your first order.  The emails will be like they are here, a few emails a week with a featured product discount.  Introductions to new products, bundles, etc.  

First Blog about the Dupes from about a year ago.

Second Blog about Dupes from a few weeks ago.

Thanks so much for your attention to this little project 💕 


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