More about the Dupes and a few fragrance developments.

Hello Fragrance Lovers!

I'm here with a little update about the Dupes that I offer and some changes in my fragrance line up.  I set out building this business with very limited knowledge about fragrance, only my fondness for it.  I have had quite an education in these last 6 years and the learning keeps coming.

I first offered fragrance oils that were compounded similarly (not exactly, my fragrances are "clean") to big name brands that were sold as colognes or perfumes.  So as far as I knew, none of the fragrances I originally really wanted and loved were sold as just perfume, most commonly sold in rollerball bottles.

As my product line and ability and knowledge grew, I started to make cologne sprays out of the perfume oil in my lovely clean perfume making base.  I know at Body Time, they sold 8 oz bottles of their cologne base formula.  I love my colognes and will always make them.  

My daughter loves the scent "by the fireplace" by Maison Margiela and bought it at Sephora.  I love how it smells on her, very otherworldly and addicting.  I mentioned this to my fragrance maker who I have worked with to develop all of my Dupes and he said he'd love to make her the oil.  When she tried it on, she liked it, but it was different, less mysterious and complex somehow. 

This report back to the perfume lab inspired a small batch of the exact oil mixed in his magic method to create an extrait de parfum, which is the only product he makes ("why create diluted bullshit that leaves people wanting?" he says).  

When Ruby tried the extrait de parfum, the fragrance was quite different than the plain oil on her, much more dimensional.  And she loved it!  Smells amazing with none that weird almost sneezing reaction that she has when she sprays big brand perfumes. And I learned a lesson I needed about the complexities of atomizing.

This got me thinking about how much better served my buyers and community would be to have the Dupes that my perfume partner makes as an oil to be made as a extrait de parfum.  

Now that you've read all that here is the list again.

more soon!  lynn


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