Happy New Year a Month Late ⭐️ ✨

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you had a very nice holiday season, and things are feeling a little bit back to normal.

It's been a while since I had my thoughts gathered enough to share.  There are a few site updates that I want to point out and some fun things that I want to tell you about.

First!  I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner, but I am now offering refills of perfume oil and cologne in simple plastic bottle.  There are many of you who buy your special, signature products and nothing else, time after time. This is a cost saving way to get them a little cheaper, but also just allow you to reuse your glass bottles, or fill your own speciality bottles.  These come with flip top lids with an opening that allows it to very carefully and precisely refill bottles of all sizes.  

This will also be the way to get cologne spray in larger amounts when the weather heats up and the 2oz colognes are paused (they don't ship well in the heat).

The next thing to remind you of, or maybe tell you for the first time, if you missed it.  All body products are now listed as options on each perfume oil page.  The benefit of this is that all the weekly discounts also apply to the body products scented with the perfume of the week. 

As you probably know, we offer a perfume oil of the week, rotating our best sellers at a 20% discount each week and then one week a quarter, all the perfumes that are not on the best sellers list (so most of them) will be 20% off and the body products for each of them will be as well. I mentioned this in an earlier blog post this month, but want to include it again for anyone who missed seeing it.

The next thing I want to mention is that our Dupes now have their own store!  

If you are a Dupe lover and have followed this story, you know that these are a collaboration with a production partner, and my friend 😊, who has found a way, in many cases to "crack the code" and reverse engineer many popular, big name perfumes in a clean, non toxic formula.  So these extrait de parfum (the most concentrated form of fragrance) creations have been a big hit!

We intended to launch these on their own site months ago, but they have been doing well on this site and other things got in the way, so we procrastinated.  But this is it's own business, and a partnership, so in the best interest of this little hustle we have just launched the site. We plan to expand our collection as soon as we have solid sales and all the bugs worked out.  Eventually we will move all Dupe sales to that site.

Same as here, all offers will be made through email and sms so sign up for the discounts!  if you click over to the site, a pop-up appears at about 15 seconds, sign up!

This will be a slow build, there's no hurry.  But we both know that having the Dupes built into the PerfectlyScentsable site can make the partnership murky. 

We also just (this morning!) made the social media public, and have zero followers! We will slow and steady work on building this little business.



Thanks so much for your support, really, it keeps me going!


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  • Manda

    Hi Lynn,

    I am wondering if you’re going to get the calendula face cream back and what’s going on with the botanical line OK I hope you’re really well. I think you said you’d be down in February I might be around. Love to see you.
    Best, manda

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