Frost Kissed Pine Perfume Oil

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I am always reluctant to carry and offer seasonal products.  I really like the idea of, and feel like I cater to people who really want signature scents - so I'm not really into pumpkin spice type things, and I really want a collections of fragrances that are permanent, so you can count on knowing where to get what you want no matter what.  That being said, I'm here to offer you the opportunity to smell like a holiday candle.

The fragrance story:

It's a not a very long or interesting story, but the new tester rollers  at my almost open store have friends blending up the unlikely fragrances while they help me arrange things. If you are familiar with Oregon Rainforest 🌲 and Halo 😇, the blend of those two is where this fragrance story starts.  I would never had combined these two, (or Coconut and Oud Riche either! more on that later) but the result is this very wearable blend of conifer and candy, maybe with a hint of bergamot.  So it's crisp, sweet but sophisticated while also being green and earthy.  So really nice Christmas candle! 

But dang, there is no kitsch to it and it could very well be a signature scent.  In fact I am sure some of my very savvy scent connoisseurs out there will tell me exactly what it reminds me of on the Nordstrom men's fragrance isle.

With notes of birchwood, spruce, fir balsam and pinion pine, our Frost Kissed Pine is a fresh, sweet, green woody scent that instantly transports you to the holidays.

You can sample this fragrance, and all of my fragrances before you invest in a larger bottle.  Sales are final.

  • Fragrance samples ship free! 

  • Body products and larger size perfumes tend to weigh a little more and will be charged by weight, shipped USPS.

Customer Reviews

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Leslie Goodland
Smells good!

The top notes definitely remind me of winter and cold pine trees. After dry down, the scents are little softer and sweeter. I am obsessed with fragrances and am always in the hunt for niche brands. Glad I found you, thanks for the samples that came with my order!


As soon as I opened the bottle I knew it would be amazing! I love it so much, it’s the smell I’ve been searching for <3 starts off strong like a Christmas tree (which I love) but dries a bit softer. When you breathe it in there’s a subtle coldness that lingers in the back of your throat. Nice and layer-able if you want it to stay stronger and my bottle was filled almost to the very top so there’s plenty to use. Absolutely beautiful, will definitely be checking out others from here in the future.

Laura Linnell
Love it.

Frost kissed pine is clean and fresh, yet warm. Perfect for the winter season and the cold and windy days of early spring. It gives me a lift and a hug.

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