Return of FIRE 🔥 ( the body time fragrance! )

I barely understand what hashtags do.  I enjoy a little time wasting on instagram, but honestly social media does not do much for me these days.  I mostly resent it because I feel guilty that I don't do much and my business community and coach are always on me about it, but it ends up last on my list.
I don't remember how I ended up looking up a Body Time/perfectly scentsable related hashtag and saw that a woman had posted years back that she was so bummed about Body Time closing, her favorite thing Fire scented ADE not being available felt like a huge loss.  I responded in a message and she replied!  I didn't know the Fire recipe, but SHE DID!  I made her a bottle of ADE scented how she remembered the blend, and sent it to her.  She confirmed that it's the same,  I took a screenshot with her permission, to share with you.
I am over the moon, Fire is one of the most requested scents that I couldn't source.  Now if someone came up with what Aura blend is, life would be complete!
Fire is available here and you can have any body product scented with Fire as well!  
Woo Hoo!  Little Victories!
fire screen shot


  • Elizabeth

    I loved Aura with 10 drops of venom, what do you recommend that is similar.. really miss it🥺.

  • Lisa

    I have searched everywhere since they closed for my most favorite scent-FIRE!! I ordered it from you and seems very different from the original even after wearing for a bit for it to merge with my chemistry. I am wondering if the original recipe was altered and how we might be able to reproduce that same scent. Sounds weird, but it is like a piece of me went missing :). Body Time lovers will understand.

  • Anne

    I just received a roller bottle of Fire. I still had a little left in my old original roller bottle, which I had purchased just before Body Time went out of business, so I was able to compare the two. The new version is almost exactly like the old one- except I actually like this one better! My nose detected the amber notes just slightly more in the new version, and I love it. The scent is warm, sensual, long lasting, and perfect for fall and winter. I’m so happy! I missed Fire more than any other Body Time scent.

  • Vicky Cuevas

    I have a 1/4 oz bottle of Aura from BT that I haven’t used because I knew I couldn’t get it anymore. If you could find it again that would be great! Good luck!

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