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So many others to choose from 🔥

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This is the ever evolving listing.   This listing will grow, a few fragrances that I am letting go of might be here.  Some new ones will debut here. 

Fragrance descriptions and photos will get built out in individual listings over time, but for now, these are the offering, everything here can be sampled .

White Lilac

Ruh Al Ood


Rose Musk


Golden Sandalwood


Indian Jasmine (Mogra)

Rose Amber

Black Rose

All of my fragrances can be sampled here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Eva Cherry
Mogra was totally disappointing. Nothing like the fresh Mogra(Motia) garlands I have purchased ma...

Mogra was totally disappointing. Nothing like the fresh Mogra(Motia) garlands I have purchased many times while working in India that are used for weddings and special occasions. This was unpleasantly cloying and had a bathroom smell to it. please refund. I also purchased two Muguet roller bottles. As I have told you in the past I am ordering it because I cannot get from the now defunct original Body Shop. Your version is very diluted and lasts an hour or so unlike the original that I could still smell on myself and my clothes the next day. Thank you for letting mr sample green fig. No thanks and glad you are retiring the scent.

Wood Sage

Please don't discontinue (Wood Sage). It is the best fragrance I have worn in years!

Essie Dube
Great fragrances!

I’m partial to florals, so the Gardenia was a big hit. Also loved the Vanilla. Ordered two Coconuts by mistake. Not partial to that fragrance. One suggestion I would make is to get a slightly smaller ball so we don’t have to work so hard to get the fragrance on our skin.


Ordered this one and I'm not disappointed! It's a nice smooth coconut/vanilla with some pineapple perhaps? It's very nice and long lasting!

Fire is fire!

So eternally grateful to have it back.