Rain Perfume Oil and Cologne ✨ fragrance of the week 💦

Rain is the featured fragrance of the week, this week, starting July 4, 2022.

Rain is the second best seller on my site, only behind China Rain.  Created around the same time, Rain is one of the original Body Time Fragrances and really the scent of the SF bay area.  Foundational in all of the "China" fragrances, this rich and textural fragrances is timeless.

These are just a few verified reviews from purchasers 💕


"I’ve been searching and searching online since Body Time closed for Rain. Rain was my grandmother’s signature scent but it is timeless she turned me on to Body Time and since we lived in Oakland at the time, I would just run over to Berkeley to get Rain. It was great because they would add as many drops of oil to the lotions that I wanted to make it strong. Since she passed away a few years ago and I ran out of the oils and lotion. Every time I wear Rain, it reminds me of her. Since they closed, I was desperate to find it again. So thankful Scentsable has it now and I can stock up again! Thanks so much!"   Tobi 


"Just like Body Time 

I have been buying the Rain Perfume Oil since I was 18 years old from Body Time (Body Shop), when Body Time closed I was devastated. I tried many “Rain” perfume oils but they were always was a bit off. Perfectly Scentsable is the perfect replacement. I hope they stay in business for a long time!" Ellen


"Clean with remarkable sillage!

Rain is a very clean, soapy green fragrance. Not at all perfume-y, it's fragrant and it stays in the area long after you're gone. A co-worker came to my desk to tell me she knew I'd been in the copy room. She asked what I put in my hair. It's hard to describe, but this fragrance moves through the room as you move around...it has remarkable sillage. It's not strong or overwhelming and often people don't realize what they're smelling, only that something smells really good. I know that you guys love its more popular sibling, but there is something very clean, soapy, grassy, floral-ish, fresh air, fresh linen, fresh rain about this fragrance that I just can't get enough of!"  Kere

I would encourage you to try Rain this week, if you aren't hooked yet!


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  • Darlene Mitchell

    I first discovered Rain in 1973, yes, that really was a year, and I’m still here. While applying for an out of state waiver at UC Berkeley, (I’m from Chicago), the fragrance hit me. The young lady (hippie, as we were nick-named) told me about the Body Shop, on Shattuck in Berkeley. OK, after I hit Telegraph Avenue, I proceeded to the (what I called) Boutique. WOW, what a lovely experience with the owners and generations over the years. I’ve traveled a bit, and lived in several states, Rain was ALWAYS on my to-get-list, Body Time ALWAYS came through for me. Whenever I embraced another, the response was, I knew you were here, I smelled your signature. They also knew they could not sneak and wear it, oh, is Mikki here? Priceless. My cousin bought a bottle for me when my MOM passed, that’s LOVE. Of course, I was devastated when they closed. Thank you, Lynn for the Renaissance. Please make my new order as strong as possible. I want to also try Jess, your recommendation. Please remember Rain makes flowers grow and bloom, are you in? My LOVE, Thank You Lynn. XOXO

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