Jess ✨ Customer Blend of the Month - August 2022

This is the second month I am sharing a Customer Blend of the Month.
 Jess shared this with me to describe her blend story, how it came to be, in her own words.
"Through most of high school I wore China Rain, but then my senior year I decided I wanted my own scent. I went to the Body Time in San Anselmo and smelled pretty much every single variety they had. I was going for something that was soft, feminine and pretty (China Lily), because that was who I wanted to be back then, with just a hint of the solid, scrappy girl that I actually was (China Musk). That was how I put it together. 
I used to be a recreation director at a program for Deaf kids & blind kids, in San Francisco.  Because it was a specialized program, we had a small little rec center clubhouse to ourselves. It was most often the base of operations for the Deaf kids’ programs, but the blind kids came there as well sometimes. I was in and out of the building all the time, for field trips, games, etc. One day the blind kids’ Teen Group came in and I heard one of the girls say, “Jess is here today.” I came out from the kitchen & asked her how she knew I was there. She said, “I always know, because it smells good when you’re here. It’s just this faint smell of…of you.”
It’s funny, because I rarely smell it after I’ve put it on, but I still get compliments on it. And I’ve been told many times over the years something to the effect of “oh, you still smell like you.”  
Thank You Jessica for sharing your story and your blend. You were the first person to reach out and share your story years back, and I have not forgotten it.

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  • Thanks for sharing the story of your featured blend. I, too, was helped to create a personal blend in the San Anselmo Body Time store, and have happy memories of shopping there (as well as the one in the Haight.)

    Sara Gann

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