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Introducing the Dupe Shop, the experimental little corner of the store where I am offering fragrances inspired by popular big brand perfumes on the market.

I am so lucky to work with a production team who is obsessed with fragrance, and will work diligently to get something right!  I started down this experimental road, inspired by two Jo Malone fragrances, that I love! These are now offered as Wood Sage and Vaniver. 

The advantage that I have is that I buy clean, phthalate free, cruelty free, vegan, hypoallergenic oil from oil producers. So while I can make  a (very clean spray) cologne like what is most commonly purchased in big stores, I can also offer oils to wear closer to your body, and can also scent bath products with them.

These listings are very barebones.  They simply say my name for the fragrances and the popular fragrance it's inspired by.  I will offer these in just a few sizes for now, and will offer a samples in BOTH the cologne (spray) and the perfume oil.  I will continue to build out descriptions in the next few months.

It seems like a silly time to add products to the site while I am also about to open my brick and mortar store, but It feels silly to have them just sitting here, when I can see they are being searched for on my site!  Please be patient while get started!  I'll make more options available as soon as I can!

as ever, xo~lynn

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