✨ Paloma ✨ Customer Blend of the Month ✨

Paloma shared her (and her daughter's) scent story with me.  I love her story, I can so relate to wanting to share my daughter's interests.  So fun that this was a mother-daughter collaboration.

"I wore the same style of light floral fragrance for years and didn't have curiosity about the topic.  When my daughter became interested in makeup and beauty products we started spending time together trying products.  It became a shared ritual, going to department stores and then out to lunch.

I came to really love Jo Malone fragrances and recognized your Velvet Rose as a replica of the JM Velvet Rose and Oud when I bought a sample.  I bought a few extra samples to share with my daughter and she layered your Velvet Rose and Darkest Amber.  She borrowed a sweater while wearing that combo, and when I picked up that sweater later, I swooned!  and became addicted to the blend.  I have gone through two large bottles of the oil now and this is now my signature scent!  I get compliments on it everyday  I love it so much!

Thank you for offering samples, it's another really fun way to share and experiment with new fragrances with my daughter."

✨✨ This scent is a blend of all premium fragrances, and is priced accordingly, but the introductory price this month is 25% off what the price will be once this is offered regularly.

I hope you try it and love it!  Thanks so much Paloma for sharing your story.💕



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    I LOVE this story! What a beautiful way to bond with your daughter!

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