August Portland Overshare

I came to Portland for a week, to celebrate my daughter's birthday, and to help my son figure out his car situation on his days off from his camp counselor job.  We found him a good car and he learned a hard but real lesson about getting what you pay for.  He is not a natural spender and this was surprisingly hard for him, but he ended up with a much, nicer, newer and in long run more reliable car.  He'd rather turn back time and have skipped his car accident all together and have more savings, and his old car, but life happens. I know the feeling.
I put on make up and went out!!
I am finding more as I get older I need space from what I am doing daily to be creative and inspired.  This is the opposite of what used to happen for me creatively.  It's interesting and humbling to notice the changes in my brain.  I am thinking a lot about my store space and how I want it to look and feel. The space I leased has a lot of window, with indirect light.  It has polished concrete floors.  I am a minimalist, but am not very attracted to the coldness of a true modern style. My husband makes concrete counters and can make the counters for me.  The plan is starting to come together.
When I remember the Body Time store I remember them differently than they actually looked!  I have a lot of photos of the stores and the elements I see that worked in the stores are very doable for me.  The stores all had a long counter often the length of the store that was where the rollerball fragrance samples were. The scentable bottles of products were under the counter.  The space I have is a little tricky, I almost wish there was a little more wall and less window.  I will figure it out.  Keys in hand on the 20th.
I went to a few stores in Portland today that were lovely and inspiring.  They both were minimalist on the colder side, more kind of elitist feeling.   I am not that cool, at all. I want my store to be warm and welcoming.  I want to serve the middle school girls after school figuring out their style.  I want to serve the mom who needs to spend more time on her self care.  I want to help the middle-ager (me!) who wants nice skin care but is not into the overwhelm of the department store counters.  I want to talk to people, send them with samples, hear their experiences.  I really should name the store Face to Face, because I feel like that's what everyone needs a little bit of right now.
I'd love to hear your memories and experiences of the stores, at those long wonderful counters.  Tell me what you remember!
I try to take some time off in August and spend time with my kids as we always did when they lived at home.  The month of August has always been really my and my daughter's special month, we both have August birthdays. We always did things we wanted to do together, but that my husband didn't care about.  And we dragged my son along.  Now, surprisingly, my son still wants to show up. I love August traditions.
I hope you have a really great week!  xo~lynn

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