Full moon 🌕 overshare, my store progress, almost empty nest, supplier issues

I have been thinking about oversharing for a few weeks now, to give a store update and talk about a few things.  I have been insanely busy and then deliriously tired, which sounds very dramatic I know, but it really is true.
My daughter came for to Ashland for a week and helped me get a great start on my store design and set up.  Right when she left, my son and his two best friends came back from their grande finale event of their funnest summer ever, a beach camping trip.  They were broke and looking for work before they leave for college.  It's been such a blessing to have so much eager, pleasant, energetic help.  They have helped with the house we moved into, the house we moved out of, the store, and been a lot of support for the business in general.  They've probably done about 10 dump runs.
They are 18 and 19 and very fun, but can also click, click, click through tedious web site stuff, package and label and transport and ORGANIZE PERFECTLY all my inventory.  They drive from the office space to the store space and just do all the things, perfectly.  When I show up, I see this.
It's done, perfectly.
skate boys arranging perfume
I am so happy for the help, but they are so fast and efficient, it's a real full time job to keep them busy.  But this timing is perfect for me and them.  I will miss them when they leave in the next week or so.  
I hope to open the store in about two weeks, but I will wait until I get to go see my son's place in Bend and do the last few details of helping him set up house.  I am excited for the store, I really can't wait.
I will have a few listings on backorder these next few weeks, as my production partners are waiting for ingredients deliveries.  One production lab I have been using for years has just closed, so I'm testing some new formulas of body spray.  
I am having a great time with the Customer Blends of the Month and the featured Fragrance of the Week.
If you follow these, you know about my brother-in-law, he's just recently come to live with us in Oregon after living in the SF bay area his entire life.  We bought a house here in Ashland so he could have a little bit of a separate living space of his own.  He is in his late 50's but never had his own place before, so it's been really fun to watch him put his space together.  My husband completely remodeled his downstairs apartment and everything is new and perfect.  We have been rug, towel and bedding shopping together, something I just take for granted.  He bought himself a recliner and a big screen TV and a very nice bed.  Tomorrow we will hang pictures and make some systems for his kitchen.   
It's a beautiful full moon tonight, my husband and brother-in-law went and ate dinner at one of our favorite places in town by the creek.  It was odd that it was so early and the moon was up and out.  Why is it every year the changing seasons still take me by surprise?  I hope you have a really good weekend.  Thanks for reading my nonsense. 😊 

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  • Edie

    I love your mission. I have been searching for a China Musk for a while. I have the same nostalgia about body time. You really seem like a wonderful open hearted person. Thank you so much.

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