As the world turns...Storms, Store 😩

Hello, here I am again to overshare a bit. Wow, there is a lot and I'm not sure the details are interesting or important.  I trust readers will let me know if they want more!  Lol.

Terrible weather and terrible decisions have been the main preoccupying themes of life since before Thanksgiving.  My first whining post on instagram about the weather was in early December and I have just kept on whining about it. 

(Edited to delete two long paragraphs about weather related problems because you are all going through the same things, and who needs reminding.)

Ok, I could go on forever, about the store. The space I rented is owned by an older couple, M and L.  M is 93 and L is 80.  They are adorable and sturdy and enthusiastic.  They only say nice things, they are encouraging and excited about the women owned businesses on the ground floor.  All women like me, older, empty nesters, entrepreneurs.  They offer really affordable spaces that need some love.  I was really bummed that the former tenant left the space in such ill repair.  

I didn't think much about the odd fellow that helped L clean out the space I rented, all this abandoned restaurant equipment, and filth.  I spent October and November working on the air bnb and wasn't there much to see what was happening.  My goal was to open in December, but I had to grab this incredible deal of a space when I could.  Late November was a grind and I worked at the space all hours.  Which is when I found out that the odd guy who was helping the clean up in late September lived in the office space above mine, with a big variety of young men.  Loud, filthy mouthed young men, who traipsed in and out.  And who flooded their space regularly, which in turn, made the ceiling in my store rain.  Rain filthy black water through the wood plank ceiling of my store.

By now M and L are in Hawaii for the winter, and there is no building manager.  But another tenant calls the police regularly and collects the rent.  Oh boy, the story goes on and on.  Lots of police activity, a small fire!  Shifty, intimidating, loud, rough men as my upstairs neighbors. I am unhappy of course, but carrying on.

Forward to April 1 when I inquire to my fello tenants downstairs, the other women who have their little passion projects, wondering if their utilities are as expensive as mine, adding a shocking $600-$700 a month (and more in January) to my expenses.  Imagine my surprise when I was told that they don't pay utilities.  And that they'd been instructed to leave the heat on 24 hours a day due to lack of thermometer access.  Weird right? It turns out that I have been paying the bills for the entire building.  Since September. 

The drama and honestly, heartbreak that follows is a kinda too much to type and fresh (and also who cares, really).  I won't be getting any money back unless I litigate.  I am moving out the first week of May.  I am an idiot I guess, to not have inquired further but it never occured to me I'd be paying all the utilities for an entire commercial building.  I should never have signed a lease with this adorable ancient couple, who only spoke flowery, encouraging words.  And needed me to fill out the paper lease from the 1980s because their handwriting is illegible because of their shaking hands.  I'm struggling hard to not make assumptions in this situation.  But I feel sick about how much money I just wasted.  S I C K.  

So I am back to online only, proud owner of a beautiful new commercial awning and handmade custom cash wrap.  Those alone are $5000 of money I didn't really have to spend.  That will now wait in my barn for my next big idea.  Ug, tears as I type this.  I'm going to have a huge moving sale starting nowish and all next week, so keep an eye on your emails.

More soon.  😩



  • Mindy

    My heart saddens reading what happened. Just want to encourage you , by letting you know you are making many people, happy know you are still on line. China Rain has been my favorite fragrance for over a decade. Thank you for keeping it going.

  • Ande

    Oh no…what a disappointment for you! All that time and effort and money wasted. What comes around, goes around. Here’s hoping it’s your turn for good things soon.

  • Renee

    Lynn, I’m sorry to hear about your debacle. Sending you positive vibes your way!

  • Marissa Hereso

    Oh, Lynn!!!
    So sorry to hear all this has happened. But your heart is in the right place and I feel like
    you’ll be rewarded with a better, more perfect space in the future. Wishing you strength and grace to move through.

  • Melissa

    Lynn, I’m so sorry! That is awful. Just awful! I’m sure one day this will all make sense but for now it totally sucks. I’ll share any posts I see to help spread the word. xo

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