🍁 🍂 November Overshare! As the Leaves Turn 🍂 🍁 Soap, Air-BNB, ungrateful brats.

Well Hello!  If this is your first overshare, welcome. I have been surprised at how my email list has grown, and you have most likely found your way here through a link in an email.  

I started writing more familiarly to my customers, community, during Covid and have continued to off and on as time rolls on.  This is my personal drivel, if you aren't interested I get it.

But if you are, here's my life update, and some teasers for the holiday.

This morning my BFF Laura and I discussed how obnoxious it is that both of our sons who are freshman in college and away from home for the first time, weren't interested in visits this past weekend, because it was Halloween weekend and I guess that's a big party weekend.  I was less insulted than Laura who had her birthday this weekend and extended family was in the area, near where her son goes to college.  I was strongly discouraged from coming into town to see my son for just one night to drop off a couch and a bike on Friday.  But first thing this morning the text came in inquiring for my arrival now that the fun is over.  6 foot tall brats.  

I was busy anyway, put the finishing touches on my old house to offer it as a vacation rental for now.  The photographer came this morning.  I had very much underestimated how much work we'd do to the house to make it a really cute comfortable rental. Add to that, without notice, my husband spent the majority of October out of town managing a family emergency.

I honestly thought we'd have my store open the first week of October, but I have done hardly anything to get it ready since September.  I am writing this on Halloween and my husband is driving home, mostly done with his commitments now.  He will start working on my concrete counters and finishing touches on the store in the next few days.  I am eager to change gears to my store after being so buried in other stuff for months now.  

My sister in law Leslie has started to make soap - I sent her a bunch of molds and supplies to get started as I headed into this phase of life and knew I would be taking the time for soap. Her soap is beautiful and she is really a perfectionist and artist on a whole other level.  I am looking forward to selling her lovely things in my store and making more myself eventually.  If you like my soap and have read this far, here is the current link to all my available soap AND A DISCOUNT CODE, for 25% off for a week, ending 11/7.

If you've read this far, you deserve it, lol.  It's:


All lower case, one word.  25% off on soap only. 

Over the weekend, I'm introducing Sweet Almond Oil, and starting to talk about some things I have purchased for my store, and will also offer here, exact formula dupes of designer fragrances that my production partner has perfected in clean ingredients formulas.  More on that soon!

Thanks for reading this far, I will stay in touch and blab all over you about my store soon.  xo~lynn


  • Susan

    I’m newish to Perfectly Scentsable but I enjoy your over shares!
    Makes me know you’re human. I’ve gotten a few scent samples from you and they are wonderful. My fave so far is Vaniver.

  • Another Laura

    My budget doesn’t allow me to make purchases every time I receive an email from you, but trust me, I want, am
    Interested in ALL the things. I splurged last year on a very large bottle of cologne as well as a BOX for myself but it’s been awhile and I
    Longer feeling guilty about it, just watching and waiting to see what you have in store for the holidays! Love the overshares.

  • Sydney

    I love the way you write- you use words well and that allows your personality to show true. Thanks for the smile…Sydney

  • Tania

    Very excited for all these new items. Can’t wait to see what you might offer as a dupe fragrance. So many by gone fabulous scents that deserve to be resuscitated….

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