White Amber Perfume Oil

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This White Amber is light and slightly powdery.  If you like my Egyptian Musk and Light Musk, or White Tea, this might be your new favorite.  Subtle, substantive, understated.  My newest best seller!

If you have purchased White Amber Cologne previously and would like to special order it, please contact us.  This oil is very light!  So the products made with the oil will be as well.  Because of this, we are no longer offering these products to the unfamiliar public. Please always try a sample.

You can sample this fragrance, and all of my fragrances before you invest in a larger bottle.  Sales are final.

  • Fragrance samples ship free! 

  • Body products and larger size perfumes tend to weigh a little more and will be charged by weight, shipped USPS.

Customer Reviews

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Just Beautiful!

I received my white amber oil yesterday and I am wearing it today. It is just beautiful! Now it's not a heavy hitter, but rather a soft, delicate, whisper of a fragrance. My son told me I smelled like I just took a bubble bath. If you want to smell clean and soft, this scent is it. I just adore white amber and will be wearing it frequently.


Just received the white Amber cologne 1 ounce bottle, and I have to say this is the worst purchase of fragrance I have ever purchased.  It’s completely water down. I barely smell anything and for $28 I could’ve went and bought the oil for just a couple bucks from someplace else that last.


This perfume was given to me originally about 9 years ago from the man I love. I never knew where he had gotten it and once it had run out, we struggled to find it again for years. I recently bought the sample with low expectations of it being what I was looking for and I was so happily mistaken. I can't wait for my full sized bottle to arrive. I was tempted to buy 2 but I figure that knowing where to buy it again, I'll just be buying it from here the rest of my life. I'm so excited

Eclectic Aesthetic

I loved the sample of this so much. I HAD to buy the full sized bottle ??

Emile Ottesen
Really pretty scent

I love this scent so much - I wish it was a little more potent - and I wish it lasted longer… on me personally, it fades away within a couple of hours :(
Seller is EXTREMELY nice and shipping was fast, and packaging was great!

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