Perfume Oils Description

Amber this is the Amber Perfume Oil from Body Time. Subtle, sophisticated, unisex and long lasting, this Amber is a new staple in your fragrance library.  Amber is rich, mildly spicy and has powdery feel. Great alone, or layered with our other scents, this quiet, yet powerful scent is perfect, classic.

Black Rose a thoroughly modern unisex rose fragrance, sensual and sophisticated. Bulgarian rose is amplified and framed by hints of leather, amber, and musk. A serene, deep and opulent rose fragrance.

Brette is youthful fun scent, with sweet cotton candy, with a light musk and subtle powdery tea. This blend came to me in an unusual way. I was messaged by a woman who had found me online and inquired about two specific fragrances, White Tea and Halo. We did some experimenting with ratios in sample vials and settled on this lovely blend.

Camille this is a blend created and worn for years by long time customer Camille.
This is a blend of China Rain, China Musk and China Lily, Egyptian Musk and Light Musk, and few other true florals. If you are familiar with these fragrances, you have an idea what vibe of this scent is. This is a subtle, gender neutral, but rich and intoxicating blend.

China Lily this heavenly fragrance is from the classic fragrance family developed in Berkeley in the 1970s at Body Time.  China Lily is blend of our signature China Musk with top notes of fresh air and muguet (lily of the valley) and a heart of delicate jasmine and spicy hyacinth.

China Musk is a classic and gender-neutral scent from Body Time in Berkeley, created in 1970.  This fragrance mix features a powder-fresh blend of light musk, Chinese rose, citrus, vanilla, and amber spice, creating a timeless aroma.

China Rain- This is the beloved China Rain, formulated in Berkeley at Body Time in the 1970s.  In this famous, intoxicating fragrance, fleeting green top notes surround a heart of fresh white lilies and Chinese roses, while clean musk and soft hints of sandalwood and moss create a sensual, soft powdery finish.

Coconut incredible coconut! This warm, luscious, creamy scent is a beach vacation in a bottle. The scent of the first sunscreens, and scented lotions, this scent has fed the tropical day dreams of imaginations for years. This is the true, one note scent of coconut, suitable for blending.

Cucumber This is the ORIGINAL Cucumber, formulated in Berkeley in the early 1970's at the original Body Shop.  This super fresh, cool, nourishing fragrance is suitable for anyone. Clean and green and watery, this is a long time Body Time favorite. Back by very popular demand.

Cupid’s Kiss- This bright and charming fragrance combines the romance and mood of rose buds with a sweet powdery scent. This sexy, playful combination of caramel, rose, cotton candy and sunshine is youthful, fun and delightful.

Darkest Amber- This special dark amber is a blend of resins benzoin, myrrh and labdanum, while notes of vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood provide a hint of depth.  An alluring base perfect as a standalone scent or when combined with other fragrances.

Egyptian Amber blends woody and musky scents with a hint of jasmine and ozone. This creates a harmonious aroma profile of sandalwood, leather, and patchouli topped with an alluring amber and musk base, resulting in a mysterious and intricate fragrance experience.

Egyptian Musk is a clean, delicate musk with woodsy undertones, a subtle hint of citrus and a mysterious aura. Its consistency is thick like honey, allowing the fragrance to be subtle yet strong. Perfectly gender-neutral, this timeless aroma is known for its long-lasting appeal.

Fire-This is a gorgeous blend of Amber and a staple fragrance here, featuring lily of the valley and green way to find out what the blends were!

Frost Kissed Pine with notes of birchwood, spruce, fir balsam and pinion pine, our Frost Kissed Pine is a fresh, sweet, green woody scent that instantly transports you to the holidays.

Gardenia This Gardenia fragrance blend has a heady, intense floral true gardenia scent with a lovely smidge of citrus sparkle.  It's a lasting, luxurious aroma, designed to transport you to a world of natural beauty and relaxation.

Green Fig This highly aromatic fig conveys the succulent richness of the fruit, the vibrant green of its leaves, and the crispness of the fall season when the fruit is abundant.  With top notes of green and a hint of Coconut, a robust fig middle note augmented by fig leaf, and a subtle combination of white woods and cedar in the base, this scent is both lush and gender-neutral, and makes for an elegant earthy aroma.

Halo This unique blend of fragrance captivates all the senses, evoking the joy of childhood and the elegance of maturity. An initial burst of vanilla, cotton candy, and caramel is balanced by the crispness of bergamot and Sicilian orange. Notes of fig leaf and raspberry provide a green depth, while the romantic heart of lily blossoms mingles with red fruits to create a delightful aroma.

Honeysuckle Walk through a garden – especially at dusk – and you'll smell magical honeysuckle, heady and nectarous, a little like jasmine tinged with vanilla. This gentle, floral scent is now available as an perfume oil and cologne.

Jess- This is a personal blend created and worn for years by long time customer Jessica. This is a special blend featuring China Lily and China Musk. Jessica calls it "China Jess", I'm shortening it to just Jess, to follow the trend of naming these scents after their creators.  If you are familiar with these fragrances, you have an idea what the vibe of this scent is. This is subtle, could be gender neutral, but China Lily is quite floral but a deep rich, complex floral!

Lavender- Lavender's multifaceted character lends a cool, velvety floral-herbal-fruity edge to an aromatic herbal heart, or adds a subtly character to warmer, spicier elements; creating a heavenly perfume oil.

Leah is a lovely, sweet floral blend of my fragrance oils, Pikaki and Muguet. Leah shared her blend with me and I was a tiny bit skeptical, these fragrances individually are very potent, my first thought was that would be that the combo might be overwhelming.  I made the blend for myself and when I got my first whiff, I was really excited. Who knew (Leah did) that these two staples of my store blended so well? This floral blend is a lovely mellow nectar, that evolves as it dries down.

Lemon Experience a fresh, zesty burst of femininity with our Lemon Perfume Oil  An enticing citrus scent, this oil is perfect for daily wear.Let your spirit be uplifted with a subtle, sweet fragrance that will linger with you all day.

Lemongrass- This remarkable and invigorating perfume oil is truly exquisite. Its luxurious aroma is a potent exotic fragrance oil, imparting an unforgettable, zesty scent that will be especially treasured during warm weather. Summer time favorite.

Light Musk- This light musk is very mild and sheer. Subtle and clean, this is single note fragrance with lingering sweetness.

Moonlight- Luminous and alluring like the moon's light, this fragrance opens with sparkling rich black currant and juicy plum while the ultra-feminine heart of fluffy marshmallow and fresh peony add a captivating wink of intrigue and mystery.
A final seductive touch of creamy sandalwood, black amber, and sensual vanilla create an indulgent, lasting scent trail that is addicting.

Muguet- A classic of French perfumery, this soft, romantic single note floral captures the scent of the delicate white lily of the valley blooming in the fields of Europe.

Musk Supreme- This Musk Supreme Perfume is subtly potent, ideal for those who seek a more intense aroma than classic Egyptian and Light Musk. It carries a distinctive woody and floral scent, giving it a refreshing, nearly detergent-like quality similar to many Body Time fragrances.

Nag Champa offers a traditional, sweet, and delicate floral scent, with deepest roots in India. It features sandalwood and magnolia and has a pleasant powdery note. This specific product is made with the classic Body Time formula, transporting you to the 1970's in Berkeley.

Neroli perfume has a complex scent profile, combining floral, citrus, and green notes. It is derived from the orange blossom and leaves of the bitter orange tree, and also includes subtle hints of honey and spices for a delightful harmony.

Northwest Rain- This blend is reminiscent of all of the China scents, China Rain, China Lily and China Musk with a very soft dry down. 

Oregon Rainforest- Fresh and sheer, this fragrance has mingled top notes of juniper, pine and citrus, followed up with incense, orris root, sandalwood, amber. This fragrance has a mild "throw" and lasts a long time, but doesn't dominate a room. Perfect for someone who wants a memorable intentional, close in scent.

Oud Riche- Oud, the rarest of Indian wood resins, considered liquid gold, is the most current fragrance trend. This warm aroma, with hints of smoke is artfully blended with Eastern citrus including citron, bergamot and neroli to make this intensely mysterious, yet so comfortably wearable for both women and men.

Paloma is a mixture of two of my newer scent offerings, Velvet Rose and Darkest Amber. This blend is a modern floral, including oud and amber, and a mysterious rose follow up. This is sweet and warm, sultry scent experience.

Pikaki- An island escape in a bottle. This exquisite and authentic tropical jasmine accord is highlighted with discreet accents of tuberose, musk and fresh greens. Pikaki flowers are the traditional blossoms used for making leis in Hawaii.

Rain- This fragrance oil is a Berkeley classic. The concept and original formula was developed at Body Time in Berkeley, CA in 1970. This beloved fragrance is a sparkling blend of fresh, green notes and soft muguet, artfully balanced with undertones of clean musk and precious woods. subtle and gender neutral, this fragrance smells a little different on each wearer

Rose Amber This perfume features classic amber and warm rose. These two luxurious perfume notes blend synergistically to create a wildly comforting, sensual experience.

Rose Musk is exquisite, dew-kissed roses in full, breathtaking bloom. Soft, clean skin-loving musk that caresses the senses.  Blended together with a hint of sweetness to create a rose scent that is absolutely divine and astonishingly airy and light.

Sage - Earthy freshness and cool forest greens are created with notes of crisp citrus, velvety mosses, and herbaceous woods.This scent is cheerful and friendly, an easy going, gender neutral fragrance.

Tea Rose- This romantic scent captures the timeless aroma of a classic rose, as if you've spent an afternoon in a rose garden.  With an evocative and uplifting quality, our Tea Rose Perfume Oil and Cologne provides a natural scent that's simply unforgettable.

Tuberose is an extroverted and boisterous tropical white flower with an intense, heady floral fragrance – suggestive of a gardenia only more powerful and memorable.  It is one of the most fragrant flowers in the world. Full bodied, warm and heady, like many white tropical flowers, reminds you of, but isn't the same as, gardenia, jasmine, lily.

Vanilla- This is the Vanilla Perfume Oil from Body Time. Sweet and subtle, sophisticated, long lasting, this Vanilla is a lovely addition to your fragrance library. Great alone, or layered with our other scents, this classic, yet powerful scent is perfect, nostalgic.

Vanilla Musk- A delectable gourmand scent, this formula combines the sweetness of cotton candy and the decadence of vanilla.  A mild musk undertone enhances the aroma, creating a personal fragrance that is both captivating and inviting.

White Amber- This White Amber is light and slightly powdery. If you like my Egyptian Musk and Light Musk, or White Tea, this might be your new favorite. Subtle, substantive, understated.

White Lilac- A powerful lilac floral scent, White Lilac delivers a distinct honeyed note and the compelling aroma of spring.  Blended with a soft white musk and a hint of powdery freshness, this scent creates a sheer floral experience.

White Tea- A sophisticated blend of subtle, clean white tea and fresh bergamot, with romantic freesia, rose, jasmine and violet accords veiled in the sensual embrace of musk and amber.

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