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I sent an email a few weekends ago with a photo of old Body Time catalogs and wondered if you all would like paper catalogs, the answer was a resounding "yes!"

With a few "no, don't bother" replies. 

After spending a good deal of time with the catalogs, what became clear is that I'd have to decide what I am offering for at least six months at a time for them to be effective, and plan on having two a year.  I think I think I would not send them to every person because so many people don't use them anymore, but the people who do really would want them!  I will need to figure out how to get catalog requests recorded and maybe some kind of order form for people to fill out - old school style.  A lot to think about!

What would you want to see in catalogs?  The Body Time catalogs had some great photos and story telling, and product description of every single product!  Which thing appeals to you about using a catalog?

I can't wait to hear.





  • Lenore Arnoux

    Beyond excited to see this! I spend every Christmas filling stockings with Body Time scents, creams, oils. Thank you for reviving Body Time’s favorite products.

  • Beth Sundberg-Leoni

    The Haight was my source for all things magical and mundane back in the 70’s.
    A paper catalog would be a nice rememberence of a simplervtime.
    The black and white photography in the Body Time, or Body Shop, were works of art.
    The store in that neighborhood never disappointed.
    Still have the bag a silk kimono came in. No idea what happened to the kimono!
    Update when youbhave a catalog. Will include it with the China Rain I am sending to my sisters.
    They would steal some of my stash when we all lived at home with parents.
    As if they would not be caught. ;@)
    Beth Sundberg-Leoni

  • Janet Hart

    Would love a paper catalog like looking through them better than the web site

  • Rosanne T Kiyota

    Yes I wouldn’t mind a catalog. I grew up in California and when I was young I went to body time and “Berzerkly” lol! Remember the Berkeley barb? Hahaha ( hey,hey,hey) have a great day!

  • Adina Vargas

    Please include me in the send me a catalog.
    Ready to order more China Rain very soon

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