Lotion Update during shelter in place. I have ALL THE THINGS!!!

The long term resources I built my business on, suppliers that are a part of the founding family of Body Time in the Bay Area have been living under very strict shelter in place since mid March, so a lot of what I typically offer has been sold out for quite a while now. The new updated order extends this period until May 31 now, once they can get to work, they'll likely have their own clogged supply chains and hold ups.

The A, D & E lotion lovers in my life and from my community of shoppers have been willing to test out my suggestions and I am getting reports that a new product I have introduced, Skin Drench is fantastic, in fact, my sister-in-law says she'll never go back to ADE lotion after using it for 25 years.

What is so great about it? It's very thick, so thick it has to be packaged in a jar. The density of the lotion ensures a little goes a long way, so it economical. It holds scent beautifully, which is not guaranteed, I have come to find out. But additionally this formula is 81% organic, manufactured in a wind powered, women owned, state of the art facility here in Oregon.

My relationship with this facility and its owners has been such a gift in this challenging time for a tiny new business like mine. Truly, these women have been kind and inspiring and willing to take a chance on me in a way that makes me feel teary. I will always carry A, D & E, because so many people love it. BUT please try this Skin Drench product in the meantime. You will not regret it!!

The next product that I have introduced is Skin Savior, also from my Oregon facility.  This product is so thick and dense it's like a paste, very intensely utilitarian, 95% organic ingredients.  This product is packed with ingredients to heal and deeply moisturize.  It is not a scentable product, it has a mild, earthy scent of it own.  My husband is a carpenter and his hands are so dry they crack in the summer.  His hands are probably the softest they've ever been, in spite of his recent remodeling of my bathroom.

There are four new lotions and butters that I have just added to my site after a few weeks of tweaking.

Uplift Everything Balm

Lavender Luxe Butter

Heaven Scent

Skin Vigor

I could write about each of these here but this blog would be a novel!  I have tested them, and spread them around the family to get feedback and can write more about these in the upcoming weeks.  I cannot pick a favorite.  I feel like I'm swimming in riches right now.  To have these products to offer in such a short amount of time, to have almost too many to choose from and to not be able to nail down a favorite!

I am including samples in each purchase, so if you choose one but would like to try another, let me know, and if I can I'll tuck in a sample.

Thanks for your time, I hope this was helpful!  


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