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Hello, thanks for checking this blog out.  I'm approaching my 4th year in business and what I keep coming back to again and again in all of my learning is that YOU, the community of fans and followers are the greatest source of inspiration and content.

I have decided to try something new, and these next few months I am introducing a Customer Blend of the Month.  I have a few blends that long time customers have told me about, that they have come up with on their own and created a signature scent.

The first one, this month, is named for its person!  Camille emailed me a few times a few years back and asked questions that showed me she was blending.  We have continued to communicate as she orders this and that.  She was one of the first people that came to mind when I decided to give this featured blend idea a try.

I asked Camille if she was willing to offer her recipe and story, and she agreed. Here is Camille's story, in her own words. 😍

"My Signature Scent Story

As a teenager I fell in love with a perfume called Geminesse by Max Factor that was base notes of jasmine, muguet, amber, musk, and tuberose. It was the only perfume that I wasn’t allergic to. Once I discovered it, that was the only scent I wore until they stopped making it. I knew I could never find another perfume like it. When I moved to Los Angeles years later, I found a wonderful eclectic, hippie, witchy, wonderful store called The Soap Plant on Melrose Avenue.

It was here that I discovered essential oils. I tried any that smelled good in the testers, but they never smelled good on me. However, there was one that stole my heart. It was called China Rain.

Over the years, I’ve concocted and recipe’d and formulated a lot of different mixes. But the one that I’ve been wearing for almost 40 years is the one I’m sharing with you now. When I moved back to the Midwest, I had one supplier and she went out of business after 30 years. It took me a long time to find Perfectly Scentsable. Lynn’s China Rain is the closest I’ve found to my original scent and I am grateful for it.

A blend of China Rain, Egyptian Musk, Light Musk, China Lily, and sometimes a little Muguet, or Jasmine has become the scent that makes people stop me on the street to ask what I’m wearing, or who ask me if they can smell me again after we hug, or who have offered me money to make them their own bottle of my oils (I have not shared it with anyone until now).

Once, when I was newly married, someone asked my husband what his favorite smell was and he replied “the back of my wife’s neck.” I will always think of this scent as my trademark, my story, my journey, and my romance.


✨✨ This scent is a blend of all premium fragrances, and is priced accordingly, but the introductory price this month is 25% off what the price will be once this is offered regularly.



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  • Joyce Ball

    Hi Lynn, Long time lost customer. It’s just ‘cause I moved and got to be 91 and I can’t smell much and I still have some pikaki in a push bottle you set up for me and a tub of pikaki that I do use for my face. I was tempted to try your new gardenia but Jen said she still likes the pikaki better , so I didn’t venture forth. I still like the Body Time Vitamin A,D,E base we started out with. This is just a “hello” and I will figure out how to order some gardenia. Love, Joyce

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