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It's early September 2021.  The reason for this blog post is to get more in depth about the why current issue in my supply chain and explain the surprising price hike in one of my most popular products, A, D & E Lotion.  

If you follow along in my emails you may know that my long time production partners, part of the founding family of Body Time retired after 50 years of their life's work came to an end in the spring after a nudge from Covid and Bay Area real estate prices caught up with them.

They have made agreements to license the formulas and patents, so these products are still available, but unfortunately, not at the same price.  My price for this lotion you love have gone up for me over 40%!  After the relief of knowing I could still get popular products, I am now reeling over the cost.  😫

I did a bit of a price increase for A, D & E Lotion, and have committed to keeping it, as it is a favorite for longtime users.  I am also exploring other lotions to offer scented as an alternative.  This listing is for a product I am trying for now to see what folks think.  It's called Luxury Hand and Body Lotion and it's $14.00 for 8 oz.  If demand happens, I will offer larger 16 oz bottle eventually.  If you try it, let me know what you think.  I love it!  I am no longer a fan of an oily lotion, so this one suits me better than the A, D & E Lotion.  I hope you like it!!





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  • Lisa Rapoport

    AD and E had been my staple, go-to, tried and tried for maybe 30 years. I am so grateful you are still carrying it, and plan to continue buying it even if you need to pass the increased cost of licensing to the consumer.

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