🎵 I get knocked down 🎵

Ok not really, I have it in perspective.   

But this is my theme song right now, lol.

I spent at least a million dollars (about $1000) on custom made boxes that will eliminate two of my current box sizes by making a custom size one slightly wider and taller so multiple rollerballs can ship in the same sized box as my samples. I wanted to eliminate a few stickers and upgrade the unboxing appeal for my customers. 

I got my boxes on Monday. Underwhelmed is an understatement.  They look terrible!

So a few emails of photos and clarification, (no I didn't leave them out in the rain) and the box company is trying again.  They are remaking my boxes and the clock of three weeks of lead time starts again.

I was waiting for these boxes so could I train the folks at fulfillment one time, to pack them the way I wanted them packed.  I can't wait another 21 days, so I'm proceeding without them, frustrated and annoyed.  But whatever, it's just a minor inconvenience right?  It is activating a little anxiety along with the frustration, but that seems to be a part of any transition for me.

What if the second batch sucks too?  Will I get refunded?  Did I just waste a ton of money?  Does anyone care about the boxes? 

I'm adding a photo for the blog thumbnail of the only box in the first shipment I would be willing to ship to my customers.  And the front is still a little dingy.

Thanks for reading my rant of behind the scenes challenges. 💕


PS: my daughter pointed out that this is a drinking song, she was unfamiliar with it.  I only remember this song from the very old days when the chorus was a "fight song".  But I might have a gin and tonic over this, also.

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