It's my Birthday!

It's my 55th birthday today.  Some years I WANT something to happen for my birthday, and some years I don't care.  This is a year I don't care. I wanted to care, go out of town, have plans, but I last minute cancelled going to Portland to be with my kids.  I'm good with a nice dinner out and lovely texts.

I had a big week, and signed a lease on a storefront here in Ashland, OR.  I am nervous about it, but I just decided to give myself the experience for two years.  That is the length of my lease. I am looking forward to being grounded here in Ashland, with the structure of the store and seeing how it feels.  It's not forever.  It will teach me a lot, who knows what it might turn into.

I think the days of the fragrance bar store are not over.  I want to work in the store myself and have a fragrance bar available, either to sample what fragrances I already have, or create new ones. 

I am excited about my cute space and will share more in the upcoming months.  I hope to open in early September, I get the keys on August 20th.

I think I'm on the right path, I wake up in the morning with a feeling urgency and excitement, like I haven't really felt since Covid.  We all need something to look forward to.  Happy Birthday to me.  😍



  • Laura Leiske

    Happy Birthday! Can’t wait to hear about the store! I may even have to plan a road trip to check it out haha!

  • Diane

    Happy Birthday! This is awesome news! I hope I get a chance to check out your new shop.

  • Lori Whicker

    Happy Birthday and Yay for you 🙌

    You have a great attitude about the situation. I hope it turns out better than expected. You have done wonderful things with your products. Enjoy experimenting and learning❣️❣️❣️

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