✨ I got the keys to my new store space Saturday! ✨

I got the keys Saturday morning to my new store space in Ashland, OR.
If you read these over-share blogs, you may remember that I have been personally in a phase of many changes in my personal life and that my plans to move to Portland now that my youngest son graduated from high school have been postponed, maybe indefinitely.  In an effort to really ground myself here and creatively pivot, I decided to go ahead and open my store. 
I had hoped to have a store in Portland, but instead of waiting, I've decided to go ahead and do this project now.  I live in a tourist town that is empty half the year.  It shuts down completely if the valley fills with smoke from forest fire, which it has the last 4 out of 5 years.  And we are headed into a recession.  Even my son, who is 18 questioned the wisdom of this decision.
I'm just doing it.  I might not make money, but I don't think I'll lose any.  The rent is reasonable, the space has captured my heart.  I am painting all day on Sunday and the boys are moving in shelving and my counter top.  I need the creative outlet.  I need to share this experience face to face.  I love my business as is, but ecommerce is lonely.  I need to not be lonely right now, I need to feel connected and hopeful.  So here I go!
I'm working on the website, for now you can follow along on Instagram
I'll keep you in the loop. 💕


  • Camille

    Congratulations on your new space! I am so happy for you and can’t wait to see pictures when you open!

  • marilyn cohen

    congratulations Lynn! on this new retail venture. good luck, enjoy it, and I know you will do well.
    my very best, Marilyn

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