Phew! I am learning a lot! 4 months into this new baby.

Thanks for being here!  I am coming up on my 4 month anniversary of this little venture and I have to say, this has been a very rewarding and learning intensive stretch of time.  I jumped in to this business after a number of years of pondering over it.  The need for the products I (and likely you) love and have come to depend on became sudden and fairly urgent in Spring of 2018 and when there seemed to be no solution in site, I took the leap.  Starting an online store may seem easy, and in some ways, my path has been.  There is certainly a demand and LOYAL following for the products I launched with, so in that regard, a lot of the work was done for me before I even started. 

My husband and I have run businesses together and separately, in my spare time, I still do care for 11 retired show horses here at our little ranch in Southern Oregon.  We have never had a website, I was able to promote my business through referrals and social media.  My husband's business is in residential construction and the connections are exclusively referral based, so between the two of us, we've never even had an email list!  Learning the ins and outs of google adwords, facebook advertising, instagram sales, shipping practices, emails lists has taken up a good part of my middle aged brain for months now.  I feel in many ways I am getting the hang of the details, though I see now that I really have done some things completely out of order.

I won't even go down the road of the challenges to photographs for the website!  But I have taken steps to upgrade the photos in the upcoming weeks.

One part of developing the business that has been quite challenging has been finding the time to come up with product labeling for the botanical skin care line.  Indeed, the products are sitting here waiting to be loaded onto the site, and for sale, but the packaging has presented one unexpected challenge after another.  All in good time I suppose, because when I have rushed myself through a process, I have made embarrassing mistakes ~ I am a spelling tyrant.

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