This Week ✨ Vaniver ✨ is the fragrance of the week 💕 6/28/2022


Fragrance of the Week
Vetiver is a transporting, deep fragrance, earthy and woody.  Combined with incredible substantial vanilla, this fragrance is a sophisticated blend that is both sweet and smoky in the most perfect way.  A must try for any gender.
This week Vaniver Perfume Oil and Cologne spray is 20% off.
No code necessary, through Sunday 7/3 at mindnight.
"Mmmm, I love this one!

I'm not very good with describing scents but this smells both fresh and spicy but slightly sweet to my nose. Very unusual and very pleasing. It is like nothing I have smelled before and I plan to purchase a bottle in the future." Mary


Next Week's Fragrance✨

The fragrance of the week the next week is RAIN! 20% off starting Monday, July 4 (at 12:01 am) 🇺🇸

This fragrance oil is a Berkeley classic.  The concept and original formula was developed at Body Time in Berkeley, CA in 1970. This beloved fragrance is a sparkling blend of fresh, green notes and soft muguet, artfully balanced with undertones of clean musk and precious woods. subtle and gender neutral, this fragrance smells a little different on each wearer.  A bestseller for over 40 years! 💧

Coming Up July 1st!

   I'm excited to share that I'll be offering our debut community custom fragrance.  Over the years a number of you have reach out to me to share your personal custom fragrance blend.  Stay tuned for more info and offers.  🎉

You'll get another email on the 1st, with the whole scoop.

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