Tea Rose is back! With a new, prettier label. *** Archive of email sent 4/17/2021

The challenge for a year now, with suppliers and production has been intense. If you want to hear more click Here.  A lot of things I thought were gone forever, are now back.  A few things I thought I'd always have including China Rain were uncertain.  I am taking this transitional time to improve and lean into popular products that are not my best sellers, and offer some new ones that I LOVE!

With that idea, leaning into the available and already popular, I am redesigning some packaging for old favorites.  Here is the new Tea Rose bottle.

More to come this week!  xo~lynn

 2 oz Tea Rose Bottle, new label

The below photo is me making fun of how out of style I am, from my side part, skinny jeans, message t-shirt and slips ons made from recycled water bottles. I posted this on instagram last weekend after reading this article.  I am learning to embrace that I am very much not in tune with the times.

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