Gardenia, fragrance of the week 🌱

Gardenia -

This Gardenia fragrance blend has a heady, intense floral true gardenia scent with a lovely smidge of citrus sparkle.  This is the Body Time formula.

This week (I know, it's Thursday 🙄) All Gardenia Perfume Oil and Cologne spray is 20% off.

No code necessary, through Sunday 6/26 at mindnight.


"Yes! GARDENIA is back!"

   "Finally ... after searching for four years it's back ... I've missed, lamented, and whined ... perfectably scentsable gardenia is truly heavenly ..."  Babs F

vaniver perfume oil 2 oz glass bottle

Next week's fragrance of the week is Vaniver!  

Vaniver!  Have you tried Vaniver yet?  Developed last spring when I was on a tangent with vetiver, this rich, glorious vanilla, vetiver, sandalwood blend is a warm and sensual blend.  Deep and mysterious, gender neutral. 🍂 🌱

2 oz clear glass bottle of Camille fragrance oil

Coming Up July 1st!

I'm excited to share that I'll be offering our debut community custom fragrance.  Over the years a number of you have reach out to me to share your personal custom fragrance blend.  Stay tuned for more info and offers.  🎉

xo~ lynn



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