Email about Old Body Time Catalogs (sent October 2, 2021)

Omgoodness!  I got a big package late in the day yesterday afternoon from Manda, the former owner of Body Time and the daughter of the founder.  Manda sent me a huge stack of catalogs from the archives, and I am lost in nostalgia!  I am going to take time to photograph them and share more.  These photos make me want my own store and to go back to paper labels!

Would you want, or use a paper catalog?  My mind is churning!  Tell me what you think, just reply to this email!  



  • Lauren

    I miss Body Time so much. Does anybody know if you can still find their Rainbow scent?

  • brandy

    I used to love their catalog, and their free lil tube of china rain on my birthday. i miss going to san anselmo and picking up my china rain and a catalog and an extra item or two. lol.

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