Subscription Box 📦 Idea - Perfectly Scentsable
Subscription Box 📦 Idea - Perfectly Scentsable
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Subscription Box 📦 Idea

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Ok, this is an experiment! My interest was peaked to explore a subscription box recently and when I asked in an email if there was interest, I got a pretty great response, much more than I expected!!

THIS IS NOT A SUBSCRIPTION BOX, just this one time thing.

I am offering two different boxes that will ship out by May 1st.  Why so far away?  Well, because one of the main items I am including is handmade cold processed soap.  I have about 40 bars standing by, and will make another 60 this weekend.  This type of soap needs to cure for 4-6 weeks.

Each box (different fragrances) will include:

2 bars of cold process, handmade (by me) soap $15.00 value.

At least one fragrance product not available on the site of at least $25.00 value.

Scented bath products not available on the site of at least $25.00 value.

Other surprise options of scented and maybe other surprise products of at least $35.00 value.

So, $100 in value for $70.00, ships free.

 There are two box options this quarter, one is China Rain products. The other is a fragrance called Peaceful that I have not offered on the site before. 

Peaceful is a Lavender blend that is lovely, with cedar, eucalyptus and musk, rounded out with tonka bean.  It's a soft and calming blend, that I love after struggling to find a good consistent soft pure Lavender.

The box is $70, and includes shipping, so there are no surprises.  I have just 50 available for this trial offering, so please don't wait if you want yours, once they are gone they are gone!  I might do another in September.

This will be fun!  Thanks so much!  xo~lynn

These below photos are of some lovely cold process soap I have been making with China Rain and Peaceful.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
♡Renee C♡
Lovely Surprise 😮

Ordered the Peaceful scent. It smells so good. I order the "subscription box" because I know Lynn would deliver. Was not disappointed in the curated box. The delivery was timely as I shopped the box to give Mother's day gifts. Kept the Peaceful roller ball for myself. I love the scent. Everything in the box is exquisite and worth every penny.

Subscription Box - lavender inspired box

One of my dear friends from Connecticut gifted me one of the best presents I’ve ever received – a lovely box of gorgeous, deliciously scented products from Perfectly Scentsable.

The box was beautifully packaged with care and creativity. There were so many exquisite Perfectly Scentsable products in it. Just when I thought there couldn’t possibly be more beauty and spa products in the box, I’d find another one!

There were a variety of gorgeous soaps, works of art in themselves, with several delightful scents. All are sensational. My favorite is the lavender. It feels so soothing on my skin when I shower or bathe.

There are also bath salts for your spa experience. I’ve sampled both and they are fabulous! They are gorgeously scented, and make my skin feel nice
and smooth.

Additionally, there are skin care lotions and facial oils. They are amazing! Love them. The regeneration facial oil’s scent is pleasing and so effective on my skin that I’ve stopped using some of my other skincare products which I’ve loved and used for years – yes, quite wonderful!

One of my favorite surprises in the gift box is a fragrance called Peaceful. It’s now my everyday fragrance. I get so many compliments on it – more so than with my previous fragrance, Chance by Chanel, which is also sensational. However, I love Peaceful even more.

Oh, let me not forget the sugar scrubs. Absolutely fabulous. Perfect textures, pleasing scents. They make my skin feel so clean and well cared for.

And – Perfectly Scentsable generously included several wonderful samples of other products they carry in the box.

If I could name this gift box, I’d either call it: “Vacation in a Box” or “Spa in a Box.” Absolutely perfect. Soothing, relaxing, gorgeous scents.

Finally, Perfectly Scentsable’s gift box is every bit as enchanting as My French Country Home’s quarterly boxes: ; only much more affordable.

Both are elegant and give you the feeling of luxury and pampering yourself.
I can’t wait to gift one of Perfectly Scentsable’s boxes to one of my friends.

Elizabeth Johnson, Nashville

(FYI: My French Country Box (one of the products for purchase
From My French Country Home magazine) costs $365.00 for one box. Or, boxes can be purchased for $285 as part of a quarterly payment where you are billed - $1140 total for the year. So Perfectly Scentsable is a total bargain, and I believe the owner should charge more for her gift boxes.)

Trish Dowhan
Brilliant Box!

What a treat to receive this wonderful box filled to the brim with fragrant goodness. Definitely worth every penny. I absolutely love it!

Adina Vargas
Best gift ever

Presented to my wife for our anniversary. She's a China Rain lover since the early day's of Body Time in Berkeley. YOU NAILED IT!! Great work, beautifully scented and package ready to give. I now purchase from you for her Birthdays and Christmas plus the surprise Subscription box. Never brought the scented candles before....could use a little more scent but we liked the pleasant scent.

Subscription Box

I loved this box! It was full of so many goodies of one of my favorite scents! I'm glad I treated myself!