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Body Time Classics package contains:

China Rain

China Lily

China Musk


Egyptian Musk


Oud Riche



White Tea







China Rain®, China Musk®, China Lily® are registered trademarks of A.K.A. Saunders, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great scents

This is such an inexpensive way to test some lovely scents. I love Rain, China Lily, Muguet and Pikaki the best, but they are all really nice. Pikaki is interesting to me because it has such a heady jasmine scent that dries down into a grape hyacinth smell on me, which I love! They are light and fresh scents you can wear to the office or out without really bothering other people. I think they also would be great on scarves or gloves to give a little scent.

I also bought the Rain Perfect Soap, it is one of the few soaps that does not dry out my skin at all, and it scents, but not overwhelmingly.

I am really pleased with these purchases!




I like all the scents, but especially find the Muguet fragrance delightful!

Beautiful fragrances!

So happy to have found some of my loves again! Going through the loss of a family member I was not aware when Body time was going out of business. I was devastated when I found out. When i found Remedy Northwest I did not think twice about trying to find my discontinued faves. Lynn was quick to communicated, offers a great deal to sample her perfumes, and shipped promptly. The perfume oils have excellent strength and smell divine. CHINA RAIN, RAIN, CHINA LILY, and CHINA MUSK are just as I remember them but somehow...BETTER! Especially CHINA MUSK. It seems to have the same musk as their EGYPTIAN MUSK and it is amazing! It lasted on my skin for a whole day just from sample dab! MUGUET is a soft delicate soliflore so pretty. WHITE TEA is clean and refreshing for the hot temps. Thanks so much for everything! I'm looking forward to my next purchase!

sample order

I ordered 2 samples from Remedy but one of the samples I received was the wrong scent. Lynn responded to my email immediately and promised to send out the correct perfume right away. Not only did she do that, but she included extra scents and lotion samples that she creates. It was VERY generous of her to do so and a nice way to make up for a mistake. My correspondence with Lynn has been very personal. She clearly loves what she is doing and wants to provide top notch customer service. Thank you.