Camille Perfume Oil

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This is a blend created and worn for years by long time customer Camille.

This is a blend of China Rain, China Musk and China Lily, Egyptian Musk and Light Musk, and few other true florals.  If you are familiar with these fragrances, you have an idea what vibe of this scent is.  This is a subtle, gender neutral, but rich and intoxicating blend. 

You can sample this fragrance, and all of our fragrances before you invest in a larger bottle.  Sales are final.

Camille’s story is here!

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Customer Reviews

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Janne M.
Take My Money!!!

I've been working through the samples that I ordered, wearing one at a time, and writing a review at the end of the day. Today I can't wait!! This. This one. This could be my signature. It opened beautifully with a soft floral. It's not listed, but do I detect yang yang? It's been 4 hours and I can't stop sticking my nose in my shirt and inhaling this absolutely heavenly smell. I'm a walking angelic being wearing this elixer!!! Yes, please!
(*I typically wear Mugler Alien, Juliette Has a Gun, Amazing Grace)

Carmen boyd

Love this combination, I used to shop at the Berkeley body time, and happy to come across these amazing scents again💜


fast delivery and I love it!!


I was so pleasantly surprised! Love the initial scent AND the dry down! I absolutely adore the fact that it doesn’t walk in the room before I do, yet it smells so subtly wonderful.

Linda Beyerle
Love it!

I’ve worn China Rain, Egyptian Musk, Rain, Light Musk, China Musk and China Lily for years. This is the perfect blend! Great job, Camille!

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