Subscription Offerings - evolving blog post 😍

I finally got the software up and running to manage monthly subscriptions,  I have just started with the two primary offerings I have been asked for and been considering for quite a while.  

Now every single item I sell (except the current fragrance of the month) is available as a monthly subscription, for 15% off regular price.  This option is simply a button to click under the drop down menu on every item. 

The second idea is outlined here on this listing.

This third offering is the same as the blend of the month box above, BUT instead you can just order your favorite fragrance in the rollerball.  Kind of a no brainer, but I didn't think of it, one of you did!

I have a few more ideas I am working on, and would love to hear from you if you have any bundling ideas that you'd like to see.  As always, there is more to come!


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