Perfume Oils available only on Etsy (for now) In alphabetical order ✅

Where did the rest of the perfume oils go?

Recent developments put a lot of pressure on the business and as a result, I have moved 23 of the top selling perfume oils to the fulfillment center.

This leaves about 50 that are newer and don't have quite the sales yet, or just not as popular but still worth offering here with me.  I can't believe I am saying this, but I am sending you to Etsy for these oils for now.  

I will add a few at a time to my site again as we get our stride with the new shipping process, but I didn't want to leave you hanging.  Etsy orders will ship twice a week, likely Tuesday and Friday.

The title in the below perfume descriptions are links to the Etsy listing.

Allure on Etsy

Such a lovely, inspired by the 90's, blend of bright sweet feminine floral.
Notes: Mandarin orange, peach, vanilla, rose, jasmine, bergamot, orange blossom, magnolia, peony, lotus, vetiver, cedar.  This is a Dupe of Allure by Chanel.

Arabian Musk on Etsy

This exotic similar to an oud, it's a woodsy aroma and quietly waxy floral. This is a really captivating scent will make you feel as if you are on a mystic vacation, trekking through exotic markets of the Middle East.

Aubrie on Etsy

One of my favorite things to do over the years in this business is to feature blends that customers come up with on their own and share with me.  This blend was described in a review recently.  I sit down, usually on weekend mornings and look through all the recent reviews with a cup of coffee. This blend got my interest immediately.  I went to my shop and made it right away and LOVE it.  This is a new best seller!

Bergamot Oud on Etsy

Precious oud, reframed. The mysterious, smoky character of this revered wood, central to Middle Eastern fragrance traditions, radiates with the clarity of crisp but sweet bergamot and orange. Hypnotic and alluring. Unusual enough to be a signature scent.  This is a dupe of Oud and Bergamot by Jo Malone.

Black Amber on Etsy

This incredible fusion of amber, black patchouli, citrus and warm oud creates an unmistakably sexy fragrance. Powerful and elegant with rich sweet undertones, hearts will stop when you step into the room.

Black Rose on Etsy

A thoroughly modern unisex rose fragrance, sensual and sophisticated. Bulgarian rose is amplified and framed by hints of leather, amber, and musk. A serene, deep and opulent rose fragrance.

Blessed Oud on Etsy 

Blessed Oud is a complex, deep and woody scent with a hint of savory spices of saffron and nutmeg. In the Middle East, Oud is commonly referred to as "black gold" and the “Wood of the Gods". It’s a pungent, resinous, fragrant heartwood produced primarily by trees in the genus Aquilaria. The resin is commonly known as agarwood.  

Brette on Etsy

Is youthful fun scent, with sweet cotton candy, with a light musk and subtle powdery tea. This blend came to me in an unusual way. I was messaged by a woman who had found me online and inquired about two specific fragrances, White Tea and Halo. We did some experimenting with ratios in sample vials and got to her correct signature blend, it's sweet and lovey.

Camille on Etsy

This is a blend created and worn for years by long time customer Camille.
This is a blend of China Rain, China Musk and China Lily, Egyptian Musk and Light Musk, and few other true florals. If you are familiar with these fragrances, you have an idea what vibe of this scent is. This is a subtle, gender neutral, but rich and intoxicating blend.

Crimson on Etsy

Notes of saffron and full-bodied jasmine, mingling with a deep base accord of cedar wood, oak-moss, fir resin, dark amber and a hint of sugar.  Warm, rich, and deep, and super sexy this unisex blend is fabulous on men as well as women.

Egyptian Amber on Etsy

Blends woody and musky scents with a hint of jasmine. This creates a harmonious aroma profile of sandalwood, leather, and patchouli topped with an alluring amber and musk base, resulting in a mysterious and intricate fragrance experience.

Fire on Etsy

This is a gorgeous blend of Amber and China Rain, featuring lily of the valley and green grass. no way to find out what the blends were!

Frankinsense and Myrhh on Etsy

Is often mentioned together with it's cousin myrrh, another aromatic and earthy scent derived from the resin of the Commiphora tree which also has a long history in religion and spirituality. When comparing the two scents, frankincense is considered sweeter and warmer while myrrh is more earthy and bitter. This earthly delight scent is a perfect gender neutral perfume oil. 

Frost Kissed Pine on Etsy

With notes of birchwood, spruce, fir balsam and pinion pine, our Frost Kissed Pine is a fresh, sweet, green woody scent that instantly transports you to the winter festivities.

Golden on Etsy

Sheer and radiant, this luminous floral is like a ray of sunshine on a cool day.  Golden is a feminine, light touch of floral and musk.

Grace on Etsy

The perfume is formulated with a harmonious combination of bergamt, grapefruit, and mandarin orange, resting on a foundation of delicate florals and a subtle hint of musk.  This is a Dupe of Amazing Grace by Philosophy.

Green Fig on Etsy

This highly aromatic fig conveys the succulent richness of the fruit, the vibrant green of its leaves, and the crispness of the fall season when the fruit is abundant. With top notes of green and a hint of Coconut, a robust fig middle note augmented by fig leaf, and a subtle combination of white woods and cedar in the base, this scent is both lush and gender-neutral, and makes for an elegant earthy aroma.  New best seller!

Halo on Etsy

This unique blend of fragrance captivates all the senses, evoking the joy of childhood and the elegance of maturity. An initial burst of vanilla, cotton candy, and caramel is balanced by the crispness of bergamot and Sicilian orange. Notes of fig leaf and raspberry provide a green depth, while the romantic heart of lily blossoms mingles with red fruits to create a delightful aroma.  This is a Dupe of Pink Sugar.

Honeysuckle on Etsy

Walk through a garden – especially at dusk – and you'll smell magical honeysuckle, heady and nectarous, a little like jasmine tinged with vanilla. This gentle, floral scent is now available as an perfume oil and cologne.

In Bloom on Etsy

Honeysuckle, Narcissus, Jasmine & Wisteria dance together, opened by the sun's warmth and carried by the gentle breeze. This white floral bouquet is the scent of springtime, wrapped in the delicate scents of green leaves and wild grass.

Jess on Etsy

This is a personal blend created and worn for years by long time customer Jessica. This is a special blend featuring China Lily and China Musk. Jessica calls it "China Jess", I'm shortening it to just Jess, to follow the trend of naming these scents after their creators. If you are familiar with these fragrances, you have an idea what the vibe of this scent is. This is subtle, could be gender neutral, but China Lily is quite floral but a deep rich, complex floral!

Lavamber on Etsy

This very unusual gender neutral fragrance has a strong foundation of lavender, but then heads in a direction of resinous conifer, heady spice, amber richness.  Dupe of Amber and Lavender by Jo Malone.

Lavender on Etsy

Lavender's multifaceted character lends a cool, velvety floral-herbal-fruity edge to an aromatic herbal heart, or adds a subtly character to warmer, spicier elements; creating a heavenly perfume oil.

Lemongrass on Etsy

This remarkable and invigorating perfume oil is truly exquisite. Its luxurious aroma is a potent exotic fragrance oil, imparting an unforgettable, zesty scent that will be especially treasured during warm weather. Summer time favorite.

Moonlight on Etsy

Luminous and alluring like the moon's light, this fragrance opens with sparkling rich black currant and juicy plum while the ultra-feminine heart of fluffy marshmallow and fresh peony add a captivating wink of intrigue and mystery.  Dupe of Moonlight by Ariana Grande.

Musk Supreme on Etsy

This Musk Supreme Perfume is subtly potent, ideal for those who seek a more intense aroma than classic Egyptian and Light Musk. It carries a distinctive woody and floral scent, a quality similar to many Body Time fragrances.

Narcisse on Etsy

Expertly reproduced: Top notes are Apricot, Marigold, Peach, Pineapple, Orange Blossom and Violet; middle notes are Narcissus, Carnation, Spices, Gardenia, Rose Oil, Rose and Jasmine; base notes are Vanilla, Tolu Balsam, Sandalwood, Musk and Cedar. This is a dupe of Narcisse by Chloe, now discontinued.

Nashi on Etsy

Nashi means "pear" in Japanese.  This fragrance is lovely and light, sweet pear blossom with a hint of lemon, and mandarin orange.  A warm breeze on a spring day, the scent of happiness and optimism. This is a fragrance that is on the subtle side, and decidedly feminine.  This is a dupe of Nashi Blossom by Jo Malone.

Neroli on Etsy

Perfume has a complex scent profile, combining floral, citrus, and green notes. It is derived from the orange blossom and leaves of the bitter orange tree, and also includes subtle hints of honey and spices for a delightful harmony.

Oregon Rainforest on Etsy

Fresh and sheer, this fragrance has mingled top notes of juniper, pine and citrus, followed up with incense, orris root, sandalwood, amber. This fragrance has a mild "throw" and lasts a long time, but doesn't dominate a room. Perfect for someone who wants a memorable intentional, close in scent.

Paloma on Etsy

Is a mixture of two of my newer scent offerings, Velvet Rose and Darkest Amber. This blend is a modern floral, including oud and amber, and a mysterious rose follow up. This is sweet and warm, sultry scent experience.

Pomegranate on Etsy

Daring sensuality, encapsulated in scent. Ruby-rich juices of exotic pomegranate spiked with pink pepper and laced with Casablanca lily. Warmed by temptingly-smoky guaiac wood and patchouli. Dark and enigmatic.  This is a Dupe of Pomegranate Noir by Jo Malone.

Rose Amber on Etsy

This perfume features classic amber and warm rose. These two luxurious perfume notes blend synergistically to create a wildly comforting, sensual experience.

Rose Musk on Etsy

Is exquisite, dew-kissed roses in full, breathtaking bloom. Soft, clean skin-loving musk that caresses the senses. Blended together with a hint of sweetness to create a rose scent that is absolutely divine and astonishingly airy and light.

Sandalwood on Etsy

This is a mild, soft Sandalwood Perfume Oil. It's quiet, honey notes are a good personal fragrance for anyone, of any age. Use it on it's own or layer it to add dimension to anything else.

Superior Egyptian Musk on Etsy 

This perfume oil was offered as an option in a set of samples we offered for input as we looked for a new formula a few years back when our long time Egyptian Musk suddenly became unavailable. This perfume oil has a foundation of our primary Egyptian Musk but has a very significant soft powdery floral element added. It is very light, and the floral element makes it lean toward feminine. It is a lovely, light scent.

Tea Rose on Etsy

This romantic scent captures the timeless aroma of a classic rose, as if you've spent an afternoon in a rose garden. With an evocative and uplifting quality, our Tea Rose Perfume Oil and Cologne provides a natural scent that's simply unforgettable.

Vaniver on Etsy

Is a transporting, deep fragrance, earthy and woody.  Combined with this incredible substantial vanilla, this fragrance is a sophisticated blend that is both sweet and smoky in the most perfect way.  A must try for any gender.  This is a dupe of London Vetiver and Golden Vanilla by Jo Malone.

Velvet Rose on Etsy

Exquisite and textural, this deep essence of rose fragrance is wrapped with praline, clove and oud wood. Magnetic.   This is a dupe of Velvet Rose and Oud by Jo Malone.

White Lilac on Etsy

A powerful lilac floral scent, White Lilac delivers a distinct honeyed note and the compelling aroma of spring. Blended with a soft white musk and a hint of powdery freshness, this scent creates a sheer floral experience.

Wood Sage on Etsy

Escape the everyday along the windswept shore. Waves breaking, the air fresh with sea salt and spray. Breathe in the mineral scent of the rugged cliffs, mingling with the woody earthiness of sage. This fragrance is subtle and very much gender-neutral.  This is a dupe of Wood Sage and Sea Salt by Jo Malone.

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