Introducing Vaniver and Lavamber!

So much is going on all the time here in the office! Since the beginning of the month jumped the gun and sent out maybe 100 samples sets of these two fragrances in the past week or so, before the packaging was all received.  Now I am getting constant requests for the sales page! 

So here goes the release -- I have these is just one size right now, these .50 oz bottles.  You can buy a sample as well.  I'm so excited for you to try these!

Vaniver is a transporting, deep fragrance, earthy and woody.  Combined with this incredible substantial vanilla, this fragrance is a sophisticated blend that is both sweet and smoky in the most perfect way.  An adaptive, must try for any gender.

Lavamber is a very unusual gender neutral fragrance has a strong foundation of lavender, but then heads in a direction of resinous conifer, heady spice, amber richness.  Not at all sweet, has a impactful first impression but is the opposite of overwhelming.  Super sexy!!


(this email originally sent 4/20/21)

vaniver and lavamber .50 oz bottles

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  • Susan Corbin

    I knew nothing about Perfectly Scentsable when these scents came out in pair. But I have tried Vaniver and I absolutely adore it! Is Lavender still available? I just ordered 5 samples from your new Dupe Shop and I can hardly wait for them to arrive!

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