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Hello Friends!

I am getting a lot of messages about if or when China Rain will be available again, and I'm writing here to provide an update with what I currently know.  It's June 21, 2023.

Let's start with some background.  The China Rain formula that I have rights to, is still owned by the founding family of Body Time, as it always has been.  This is true of all the the "China" fragrances.  There is an active trademark.  The family has this product made in the facility of their choice, protecting their trademark and family's property, as I'm sure everyone can understand. 

They manage the production, I buy amounts, large and small, depending on my needs, through them.   The family is committed to following the current IFRA safety standards, and the perfume oils are "clean", so phthalate, paraben free, cruelty free.  This is the only way to get the "China" family of perfume oil.

I ran out of China Rain early this year when an order was dramatically delayed.  I set the listing on my website to back order and waited. When the oil finally arrived, shortly after the whole backorder demand was fulfilled, I could see that I was at risk of running out again!  I purchased the largest available size (the biggest purchase I've ever made that wasn't real estate) to protect myself from running low or out again, and suffering from delays in production. 

When this huge order arrived, I realized (to my horror) it didn't have the same "nose" to it. This huge amount of China Rain was made to order, no returns or refunds.  The perfume professional that oversees this whole production and distribution operation took a few ounces of my lot and had it tested.  The lot, HUGE order, is chemically perfectly the China Rain formula.  The explanation for the difference in what I expected, from what the scent currently is, is that the product needs time for maturation. 

I have never experienced this before.  This is the largest order I've ever made, and it was made just for me, this is unexpected.  This response from all those in the know is frustratingly vague.  I need to wait.  Keep my vessel of China Rain perfume oil in a cool, not cold, dark place.  Wait. That's the whole answer. 

When this vessel has reached maturation, I will offer a new set of samples, to be sure we are all happy with the perfume oil  before I start selling large bottles.

In the meantime, I have a lovely new fragrance, that is gathering good reviews to the site and my in box, Northwest Rain for 20% off for the remainder of the month as a great option that is very similar, possibly a bit more floral, than China Rain.  Not everyone loves it, as expected, but many do and I'd encourage you to try it.  Every package shipped this month (june) will include a Northwest Rain sample.


  • Risa King

    Please let me know when China Rain is available,


  • Margot Sauers

    Please let me know when China Rain is ready. I have used it since the 70’s when I first went to Berkeley. What is your closest oil to it? Thanks

  • Elle Tort

    Appreciate the update!!! Yes, pls put me on the wait list too 🙏.

  • Heather Lundquest

    Please, please & please let me know when China Rain is available again for purchase!! I believe your samples match the closest to the original Body Time’s China Rain— my signature scent since attending Cal early ‘80s. Love you guys!! Thank you so very much!!

  • Mayumi Willgerodt

    Is there a way to find out when China Rain will be ready? Thanks for your diligence and keeping us updated!

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