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Hello Perfume Lovers, 

As soon as I got each and every perfume oil listing updated with all of the body products, and made a big deal out of the fact that these products would be included in the weekly promotional discount, I got upsetting news from my body products suppliers.  

The product suppliers are adapting to their increased cost of goods and other challenges in their business by now only offering their products in 55 gallon drums, instead of the 5 gallons buckets I have been buying to custom scent.  This means that I would need a loading dock and forklift to be able to receive and move these drums, I have neither.  

There is a strong possibility in the future that I will be able to have my products packaged in the manufacturers facility, but I am currently on a waitlist to be integrated into their production pipeline.  

All I can do is sell out what body products I have, then wait to hear from my supplier.

I am removing the products from individual perfume listings this weekend and will have the  remaining items I still have in stock to sell listed in just body products listings so I can keep close eye on inventory and not accidentally over sell them.

So, for the rest of the week, the not best sellers body products are marked down, then by next week they'll just be back in the body products section, while supplies last.

I'm so sorry body products lovers!


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