✨ Leah is the Customer Blend of the Month ✨

When Leah emailed me about her blend, she wasn't sure it "qualified" as a blend.  Leah came across this combination when she bought a number of products scented different fragrance oils.  Leah is a long time customer and I would have said an equal opportunity fragrance wearer until I talked to her directly.  

Leah has a few girlfriends that also use my products and they regularly gift each other products.  A girl's beach trip was planned, and Leah bought her girlfriends lotions scented in their favorite scents to use on this trip.  As the trip went on, she borrowed her hotel roommate's Pikaki lotion, she'd left her Muguet in the car.  She didn't take much note of the combo, because it was hard for her to smell the scent on herself.  She said that the group was complimenting her and asking what she was wearing, like she'd gotten something new.  "Goofing around" they blended the Pikaki and Muguet lotion to see if that was the source of the "new" fragrance.  It was, and they were all surprised.  They call it the La Jolla blend, but to stick with the theme of naming the fragrance after the person who shares it with me, I'm calling it Leah.

I really like the way the fragrances blend together, honestly it was such a surprise.  These two very distinctive, fairly strong scents, compliment and mellow each other beautifully.  I hope you love it!


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