Overshare, so done with this winter ❄️

Hello from Portland!

Feeling so done with this endless extreme weather!  It's March 3 and I am here in Portland supervising clean up around our house up here and helping my daughter deal with storm damage to her car.  Her car, her first car she picked out and bought for herself is a Jetta TDI wagon, I think a 2013.  The first historic shocking storm at Christmas that snowed us in, revealed an issue with her car, when water was about 4 inches deep on the floor when the snow melted.  She thought she had it fixed and then this most recent storm, even bigger and more historic than the last, revealed it was not fixed, AT ALL.  The VW dealership revealed that she needs a whole new some kind of system, and all new carpet and padding, and thank heavens insurance covers it.  But not car rental. 

So we are sharing a car while I am here supervising the clean up of a huge mess in our yard, my favorite tree, an ancient huge magnolia tree, split in half and one half fell onto the neighbors garage.  So far it looks like just a mess and not too much damage, but we will know more on Monday.

The weather report shows it's going to rain for the next 7 days so I'll be here, spending quality time with my girl, planning emails and promotions for both my sites and getting things done here while we push through these must do items.  

My store opening has been pushed to April 1 now, supply chain issues are really a challenge right now, and that combined with the issues to manage up here in Portland, combined with the miserable weather which means empty streets in Ashland helped me decide to wait.  The Shakespeare Festival in Ashland opens in mid April and I am expecting all of the big shipments to arrive by then.  

In the meantime, I'm getting a lot of prep and planning done so that my websites don't get neglected during the store opening.  I am really looking forward to opening the store and getting my systems in place so I can eventually hire someone to work with me in the store.  I love being the person who writes the emails and blogs.  I do want to keep doing the things I love and hiring someone better at the things I don't love.  

Wherever you are, I hope you are warm and dry.  More updates soon!


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